Tuesday, 22 October 2013

My 1st/beginning of 2nd Trimester Essentials

1. Bread - I always need to carry a piece of bread in a plastic sandwich bag when I'm commuting to try and stop the nausea becoming too over powering!

2. Orange juice - was never that fussed before I got pregnant but all of a sudden I'm loving a bit of orange juice

3. Vitamins - I know I probably don't get all I need from the food I eat so I try to take preggo vitamins on top. I used to take loads of colic acid etc when trying to conceive so it's not a big deal to carry on remembering to take them!

4. Travel sickness bands - turned to these in desperation and didn't expect them to do anything but they do take the edge off a little...

5. 4head Stick - I have always suffered from migraines and now I'm pregnant I can't take any of my regular mediction. I also try to really limit any paracetamol I take so rely on this forehead stick to get me though the really bad ones.

6. Mini Cheddars - love them and they help get rid of nausea for me!

7. Goodbye Stretch Mark Cream by Mama Mio - hoping this will help keep stretch marks at bay haha

8. Topshop maternity jeans - I find I can wear these casually or dressed up for work which makes them a god send in a wardrobe of things that don't fit! I would like to find a more structured pair though as these stretch out quite fast after washing

9. Bio Oil - Still trying to keep away stretch marks!

I also need to get some form of life organiser such as a diary as baby brain has kicked in big time. I forget things straight away these days and keep asking the same things over and over, nightmare!

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