Saturday, 12 October 2013

Nuchal Screening Scan

Our appointment for our nuchal screening scan was on the 11th of October. We were really excited about being able to see the baby again and to be able to start telling everyone the good news!

The scan went fine. They measured the fluid at the back of baby's head, took blood from me and sent both the measurement and the blood off to a lab in Birmingham to calculate the risk of Down's syndrome.

The blood test went really badly this time. They only needed to take 1 vial of blood but for some reason it just wouldn't come out! I ended up with a bruise for weeks that spread all round my arm - a great look! (Photo doesn't do it justice at all!!)

We got to see the baby's heartbeat and it moving around. The sonographer kept saying how active he or she was being. Every time she tried to take a picture for us baby kept jumping away! I kept laughing which didn't help matters haha...

We eventually got a lovely picture :) and the results came through by post in just over a week saying we had a low risk so that helps put the mind at rest. There are so many things to worry about in pregnancy!

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