Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Angelsounds Fetal Heartbeat Monitor Review

I'm a bit of a worrier and at the beginning of my pregnancy I heard about handheld Doppler devices you could buy to have a listen to the baby's heartbeat at home.

We saw one in Mothercare but it was recommended from 28 weeks onwards and we needed one that would obviously work a lot earlier as I was only about 12 weeks at the time.

We came across the Angelsounds fetal heart monitor on eBay for £19.99 and thought we'd investigate it a bit further. I sometimes get a bit wary of things on eBay haha. We read a few good reviews on it and thought we may aswell give it a go.

It arrived really quickly and to be honest I wasn't expecting much at around 12 weeks but within about 5 mins of moving it around we found the heartbeat!

It came through really clear and was such a special thing to hear so early on.

The device also came with a cable that you can record the heartbeat onto your computer with. We haven't got round to that yet.

Now that I'm a bit further on, we can hear baby kicking around in there and moving about.

We try not to do it too often but it's really reassuring to know we can listen whenever we want!

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