Monday, 26 August 2013

Baby's First Festival

After finding out we were pregnant the weekend before, we realised we were going to SW4 in Clapham London on the August Bank Holiday weekend!!

We were going to a pre-party so I had to pretend I was drinking with everyone because we didn't want to start telling most people until we'd had the first scan! By the time we got to Clapham Common everyone else was quite merry so I got away with sticking to water. 

That was, until an eagle eye best friend noticed the photo above and asked me straight away if 'we had anything to tell her'! 

I think the not drinking is always going to be a bit of a give away if you're usually quite an active social butterfly.

It was such a good day/night and was funny to think that it was Baby K's first ever gig :)

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