Friday, 27 September 2013

Booking Appointment

We got a letter through from our hospital to go along to our booking appointment pretty soon after I'd been to the GP to let them know I was pregnant, it was quite a surprise because I'd read on forums about people having to wait ages!

We were a bit nervous about going along to this hospital because it had bad reviews but I think it had been done up in the past few years so seemed alright! All the midwifes we dealt with were fab and really friendly.

It was a long appointment where they went through my medical history in detail and took a lot of blood! Looked like about 4 vials. I'm alright with needles and blood but there's something about veins that makes me feel blehhh! 

They also weighed me, took my blood pressure and made me blow I to something that looked like a breathalyser but turned out to be a carbon monoxide reader so they can monitor women who smoke I think. Neither I or the husband smoke thank goodness so we're all good on that front!...

At this point they also asked if wanted to do the nuchal screening test at 12 weeks which we did so booked us in for the scan and blood test for that.

At the end we got given our Yellow book of notes that I have to take to every appointment and a bounty pack full of info and offers for baby stuff!

It all feels very real now!

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