Tuesday, 5 November 2013


One of the first things I noticed, even before I knew for sure I was pregnant, was that your boobs go through a lot of pain and massive changes even at the very beginning of pregnancy.

I was told you're supposed to stop wearing underwire bras pretty much as soon as you know you're pregnant. I think it's because it can damage the breast tissue as it grows as the wire can be quite restictive.

This is all fine and well but unfortunately all the pretty, cute and glamorous bras you see in shops are all underwired!!

I went to M&S to get fitted properly at about 10 weeks because I was already in a lot of pain by then...

I didn't actually go up a cup size, just a back size, but they do feel about double the size and are much more solid and heavier!

I got a plain two pack in the correct size from M&S but I felt they were a bit grannyish so went on the hunt for some 'younger, more on trend' styles. This proved to be quite a difficult task...

All the really nice styles that you'd get for a reasonable price in normal underwired styles would be about £20 at most but if you want a decent style in maternity they seem to be around the £30 mark which I think is a bit much for a bra you won't fit into at the end of pregnancy.

The main thing I noticed with maternity bras is the lack of colour. There barely seemed to be anything other than black, nude, white out there.

Mothercare surprised me and had the best styles I saw when out and about. I picked up 2 for £16 each. They also did some lovely two packs.


Topshop had some good styles but didn't have the right size and seemed a bit under stocked. I might end up getting them online.


They do say that you need to get measured a few times in different stages of pregnancy so maybe I should save my pennies till I grow again haha...

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