Saturday, 24 August 2013

The 2 Pink Lines!

Finding out I was pregnant was one of the most special (albeit slightly scary!) moments in my life. We had been trying for a while since we got married last year and things were taking longer than expected. We were actually about to give up for a while so I guess it's true what they say when you relax and let things just be, that's when it's likely to happen!

My cycles had been extremely irregular since I came off the pill and I was never sure when I was ovulating or when, if we had conceived, we should test. Over half a year of disappointment that comes with negative tests I left it really late to test in August. My cycle was at around 50 days when I finally decided to test!!

I decided that instead of building up the husband's hopes by telling him I was planning on testing, I'd just test first thing in the morning and see for myself first. The only problem was I woke up at 5am needing the toilet so had to test then. When it came back positive I just went back to bed and cuddled up to the husband with the biggest smile on my face and lay there for 3 hours thinking till we both got up.

I then made breakfast and wrapped the test up in tissue paper before handing it to him saying I'd gotten him a present. His reaction was the best thing ever. He looked really confused for a second then jumped up, had a little cry (which is hilarious considering he's in the forces and rather built with all the time he spends in the gym!) and gave me the biggest hug ever.

Was such a special moment.

Hope yours was too!

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