Friday, 27 December 2013

Pregnancy Email Newsletters and Apps

As I don't know anyone else who's pregnant at the moment I've been relying a lot on signing up to information newsletters and downloading iPad apps to get some extra information and answer some of many random questions that pop up in pregnancy!

The newsletters I'm signed up to are:
  • Netmums

  • Baby Centre

  • NHS


  • Emma's Diary

They're all really good at providing different info. They never usually cross over and provide the same info.

The NHS one focuses a little more on the medical things and planning your birth etc where as the other ones tell you really interesting things about how the baby is growing inside you! 

Emma's Diary often provides links to vouchers and free packs etc you can get which is handy. 

The Netmums one links back to it's website which has tons of information on it so you can pick and choose what you want to find out about.

The apps I've got on my iPad at the moment are:
  • BabyBump - gives you good information on what your baby is up to in there!

  • Pregnancy HD - I really like how this app shows you example scan photos of what your baby would look like at the stage you're at on an ultrasound. They have 3d ones too.

They were both free - I think they had versions that you pay for which are a bit more advanced but I find out everything I need to know on the free versions.

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