Thursday, 2 January 2014

Belly Button Piercings & Pregnancy

I had to do quite a weird thing this week...with my belly button...

My bump is finally getting too big to accommodate my normal belly piercing anymore!
It started getting sore last week but I'd left the retainer bar I'd bought off eBay in London when I was home in Scotland so couldn't take it out without running the risk of it closing up.

A few people have asked why I want to keep it after being pregnant and I'm not really sure why! I've had it done since I was 16 and find my tummy looks really odd without it.

I bought a plastic retainer bar from eBay for £1.90 with postage:

Original piercing:


No piercing:

Plastic retainer bar:

I ended up having to cut it down a little as it was too long but it's really comfortable and will hopefully now last till the end of my pregnancy.

Might seem like a bit of an odd post to do but I wasn't sure what to do with my piercing so thought others might be wondering too!


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