Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Week 27-28 Hospital Admission

On Monday night (27th Jan) I had to come into the hospital because of a bleed I had during the day at work. I had been told I had a low lying placenta at my 20 week scan and if I had any bleeding to call the labour ward straight away.

We went in and were seen almost immediately. I was put in one of the rooms I think they use for delivery, there was a woman next door who was definitely in the advanced stages of labour, scary!!!

I was hooked up to a baby heartbeat monitor and all my vitals were taken. The bleeding had started to tail off by the time  I was in there but, of course, they needed to check everything out. 

Baby seemed fine but I was told that the doctor would be round at some point to check me over and maybe do an internal exam (which I was dreading!!). 

It took hours for the doctors to appear - I think there were some assisted labours going on - and it the meantime the midwifes were instructed to take bloods and put an IV in. I wasn't expecting this at all and have a bit of an issue with veins! My husband said my face was a picture when they said they'd be putting a line in...

Luckily they took the blood from same place that they put the line in, saved a bit of trauma!

Eventually the doctors came round (didn't do an internal exam, happy days!) and said I'd have to be admitted, observed and scanned the next day.

Eventually I got put up onto the antenatal ward (around 12am) and was in a room with 3 other women.

The ward was ok, really clean and has a couple showers, sofa area, table and chairs where you have your meals. I just didn't expect to be seeing one so soon!

They kept monitoring me throughout the day and luckily the husband was allowed to be here from 10-8 (his work let him have the day off) otherwise I would have gone mad with boredom! Although in saying that, thank goodness for iPhones and unlimited data, complete lifesaver in here haha.

We waited around for most of the day and then eventually got a scan slot at 3pm (although didn't actually get scanned till 4!). 

They checked all the baby's measurements and confirmed that the placenta was starting to move up which may have caused the bleed.

I thought this was really good news and was so excited to be going home but we came back up to the ward and I got told I had to stay in another night. Again my husband says my face was a picture!

It has been nice getting to hear baby's heartbeat for about 20 mins at a time 4+ times a day though. It's funny when the other women's monitors are on too and the babies heartbeats sync.

This morning the consultant came round and because of the cramping I'm having I have to have 2 steroid injections for the baby's lungs 12 hours apart which means...another night in hospital!! I can't believe it. It's a precaution in case my cramping turns into contractions but they don't think that will happen. So here I am. Still here and counting down the hours till tomorrow.

Has anyone else ever had to be admitted before they're due? There are quite a few ladies in here for all sorts of different reasons.


  1. You poor thing! As they say at least your in the best place. I'm currently 22 weeks and have been in and out of hospital due to hyperemesis gravidarum but i am on the mend now thankfully! Good luck and i hope you get to go home soon.


  2. Thank you! Got out on Friday which was a relief then just had a very chilled out weekend :) Oh no, that sounds horrific. I had bad morning sickness for 21 weeks so can't imagine what it's like having HG, that's awful. Have you had to be out on a drip etc? Hope it goes away soon for you xx

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