Saturday, 15 February 2014

Maternity Occasion Dresses (Baby Shower!)

I've been starting to look for a dress to wear for my baby shower in a few weeks and am having an absolute nightmare finding anything I like that's fashionable, at a reasonable price and available in my size. The fact that nearly every high street shop doesn't actually stock their full maternity range in store, so you can't try items on, doesn't help! So far I've seen these options...

The cute flower embellishment and cap sleeves on this dress are fab

This dress is quite a simple cut but I think it could be effective on the right figure...

The one shoulder detail is a bit different and I love the neon panel at the hem

I love the pastel colour of this lace but not sure the fit would flatter me!

The top lace detailing and pleated skirt part are so cute on this dress but it might be a bit dark colour wise

I love the embellishment on this dress, it makes the dress extra special

Love this but again think it might be a bit dark for a baby shower :(

This dress isn't a maternity one but it's a really nice shape that I think could be flattering for bump!

The hunt goes on!


  1. Oh no, I hadn't even thought about what I'm going to wear at my baby shower!! Now you've got me all worried! My shower will be on March 29th, so thankfully I still have time to buy something. Is your shower coming up soon?

    Danielle | My Little Sprout - pregnancy blog

  2. Sorry!! Didn't mean to haha! You've got plenty time :) Mine's on the 8th of March - having it quite early because we're moving to Portsmouth from London when I'm 36 weeks pregnant :(

    1. Same here, actually. We'll be moved into a new place by April 1st, which puts me at 37 weeks! Eeek! Talk about cutting it close!

  3. Absolutely beautiful! Thanks for sharing...58eveningdress.


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