Monday, 24 March 2014

3rd Trimester Essentials

My third trimester essentials!

Top Left round clockwise

I don't know what I'd do without this ball at the moment. I originally got it to try and move baby round (back to back at the moment) but now it's the only thing I can sit on comfortably. It's also a good, easy way to get a bit of core muscle exercising in!

- Fanta
Huge craving at the moment!

Still working on the whole no stretch marks thing and this seems to be working.

The little sleep I do manage to get at the moment is thanks to this pillow. It supports in all the right places.

I've only got 2 pairs of leggings left that are comfortable enough to be wearing at this stage in pregnancy and these are my faves. Practically living in them.

Randomly my skin has started breaking out and this treatment gel is the only thing that will calm it down

- Water
So thirsty all the time!!

- Long Black Vests, Mainly H&M
Complete wardrobe stable at the moment. Wear them to layer with floaty tops, wear them under jumpers, wear them to lounge in, wear them to sleep in...must have about 10 of them in my drawer haha.

- Laptop
Now I'm on maternity leave and have moved to a new area where I don't really know anyone, it's become my lifeline to friends and family and gives me things to do - like my blog!

Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Baby Changing Bag

I really struggled to find an affordable, fashionable baby changing bag. If money was no option I would have loved one of the two Pacapod options below!

I love the shape of this bag and how it could be used by mum or dad due to it's unisex style. The organisation pods are amazing and my OCD tendencies love them!

This is such a stylish changing bag. The leather looks fab and the buckle detail really adds to the look. It's on of those ones where you wouldn't even really know it's a changing bag...

Week 34 Pregnancy Update

How far along? 34 weeks

Maternity clothes? Loving my new jeggings. Got a couple non maternity dresses from H&M which flatter bump really well.

Stretch marks? Still nope

Sleep: Back to being really bad! Baby has moved into a back to back position and the pain I'm getting because of it is pretty bad at times

Best moment this week: I guess it was almost last week now but my baby shower that my lovely friends threw for me

Worst moment this week: The braxton hicks pain and the back pain :(

Food cravings: Fanta!!

Miss anything? A proper night out!

Movement: Lots, getting stronger by the day

Anything making you queasy or sick: Not really

Gender: Secret :)

Labour signs: Nope, apart from the braxton hicks which, if they're anything to go by, are starting to concern me as to how I'll cope with real contractions!

Symptoms: Lots of movement. Braxton hicks. Bad back pain. Shooting pains through side of bump when lying down. Starting to get some swelling in my legs, nooo!

Belly button in or out? Still in

Happy or moody most of the time? Happy but uncomfortable

Looking forward to: Kind of looking forward to finishing work but also not looking forward to it at the same time!


The terrible photos continue whilst husband isn't here to take them!



Monday, 17 March 2014

Baby Shower!

Baby Shower Outfit!

I ended up going for a H&M dress that I literally bought on the morning of my baby shower! It was only £14.99 and I got lots of compliments on it :) The one I ordered from ASOS didn't fit right unfortunately but the H&M one is non maternity so I'll hopefully get lots of wear out of it post pregnancy too.


Sunday, 16 March 2014

Pregnancy OOTD 16th March

Vest, Mothercare. Embellished Cardigan, Selected Femme. Leggings, Blossom Mother & Child. Studded Shoes, Topshop. Necklace, Primark.

Sunday was such a nice day weather wise so out came the sunglasses! It was lovely not to wear a coat. I always feel bump looks bigger in lighter colours!

Friday, 14 March 2014

Pregnancy OOTD 14th March

Vest, H&M. Floral Waterfall Cover Up, Forever 21. Jeggings, New Look. Boots, Forever 21.

I'm off to Portsmouth today as I've got the day off work and the husband is down there on his officer's course. I wanted a simple comfortable outfit for the tube and train journeys that lie ahead!

These are my new jeggings from New Look. I was getting sick of the under bump bands on my maternity jeans because they were comfortable enough when I was standing up but so uncomfortable when I was sitting down at work. I struggled to find decent over bump skinny jeans so thought I'd try out these jeggings instead. I'm so glad I did!! 

They are thick enough to pass as jeans rather than leggings (there's nothing worse when jeggings stretch and go all funny around your bum etc!) and they are so comfortable for bump. They stretch up right over it and keep it supported. 

They were a bargain too at £14.99.

Thursday, 13 March 2014

Pregnancy OOTD 13th March

Spotty Dress, H&M (not on website though). Boots, Topshop.

I got this spotty dress from H&M at the weekend. It's not a maternity dress and I think it was £14.99 - bargain! It's a thicker jersey material and feels like really good quality material for the price.

I love getting something I know I'll be able to wear post pregnancy :)

Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Pregnancy OOTD 11th March

Floral Top, Forever 21. Maternity Leggings, Blossom Mother & Child. Boots, Office. And I do have a necklace on but you can't see it due to my rubbish photographing skills while husband is away haha!

Seen as the weather is improving slightly, I felt like going a bit floral for work today! It's a non maternity top from Forever 21 but the fit is perfect for flattering a bump. I think I get carried away thinking I need to get just maternity clothing but if you just go up a size in certain things, you can easily get away with normal clothes - much more choice!

I also have my trusty Michael Kors with me for carrying my notes to my consultant appointment this morning. Fits perfectly!

Wednesday, 5 March 2014

New Look Maternity Treats

The husband is away during the week at the moment on his officers course for the Royal Navy and this is proof why I shouldn't be left alone!

I may have popped onto New Look's maternity section to look at one top but ended up buying four things...

In my defence I have reached the stage where I am struggling to fit into anything non maternity, that's the excuse anyway haha.

I'm really excited for these bits to arrive. I'll let you know what they're like when they do arrive!

(PS. One of the dresses was in the sale at £8 so it would have been rude not to!)

Monday, 3 March 2014

Placenta Praevia

I decided to do a bit of research into placenta praevia and low lying placentas and what they mean after I was told at my 20 week scan that mine was reaching my os (which I've now learnt means cervix opening).

They usually move up and as a protocol most hospitals book you in for another scan at 36 weeks to check. Mine was booked for March but because I got admitted at 28 weeks in January with a bad bleed, I got a scan then which showed it had moved up a few mm which apparently was good news!

They cancelled my scan at 36 weeks because apparently once it's moved out of the 'danger zone' it will only keep moving away so it's ok to proceed with a normal delivery etc.

Low Lying Placenta:
- Where the placenta is lying over the lower part of the uterus near to, or over the cervix
- If the placenta is in this position at the end of pregnancy, it is called Placenta Praevia and the baby would have to be born by caesarean section

Mine was reaching my cervix but not covering it...

Pregnant Celebs at The Oscars 2014

Wow there were some beautiful dresses on show at the oscars this year and the ones dressing the bumps of 2014's pregnant celebrities were no exception!

I absolutely love Kristin Cavallari's White Alexander McQueen dress she wore whilst helping with E!'s red carpet coverage. It accentuates her little bump perfectly and she literally glows in it.

Olivia Wilde's Black high neck Valentino gown is definition of elegance. Black is always a good colour when dressing a bump as it draws just enough attention to that area but not too much that it is too 'in your face' that you're pregnant! Her hair and accessories were fab too...