Monday, 17 March 2014

Baby Shower!

Baby Shower Outfit!

I ended up going for a H&M dress that I literally bought on the morning of my baby shower! It was only £14.99 and I got lots of compliments on it :) The one I ordered from ASOS didn't fit right unfortunately but the H&M one is non maternity so I'll hopefully get lots of wear out of it post pregnancy too.


My friend hosted the shower and two of them did an amazing job decorating her living room with Yellow and White decorations. I had asked for it to be gender neutral due to my family not knowing what we're having and they did a fab job making sure it all looked great. I was so grateful for all the effort they put in and hope I can repay the favour one day.

The guests had all brought different types of food and I didn't manage to get a photo before we started eating it all!! We had two cheese boards, finger sandwiches, scones and jam, lots of sweet treats, crisps and dips...all sorts!

The prosecco was flowing too (only one glass for me though!) and it was nice to see everyone having fun and mixing.

 The girls had organised some fun games too. First we had the baby food game where we had to split into teams and try 5 different baby foods and guess what they were! Then we played pin the sperm on the uterus which was really funny. For the last game we all had baby bottles filled with a chosen drink and had a race to see who could finish their drink the quickest. It was really hard, I have no idea how babies manage!

Throughout the afternoon the girls were dressed in onesies, we had a list of banned words and whoever said a banned word got a peg to pin on their clothes. Whoever had the most pegs at the end of the afternoon was meant to go home in their onesie!

Baby Knott was super spoiled and we got amazing gifts from our friends which we were so grateful for. I also got a few pamper-ey presents just for me which was a really nice surprise.

Baby showers are a relatively new thing here in the UK, did you have one?

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