Monday, 24 March 2014

3rd Trimester Essentials

My third trimester essentials!

Top Left round clockwise

I don't know what I'd do without this ball at the moment. I originally got it to try and move baby round (back to back at the moment) but now it's the only thing I can sit on comfortably. It's also a good, easy way to get a bit of core muscle exercising in!

- Fanta
Huge craving at the moment!

Still working on the whole no stretch marks thing and this seems to be working.

The little sleep I do manage to get at the moment is thanks to this pillow. It supports in all the right places.

I've only got 2 pairs of leggings left that are comfortable enough to be wearing at this stage in pregnancy and these are my faves. Practically living in them.

Randomly my skin has started breaking out and this treatment gel is the only thing that will calm it down

- Water
So thirsty all the time!!

- Long Black Vests, Mainly H&M
Complete wardrobe stable at the moment. Wear them to layer with floaty tops, wear them under jumpers, wear them to lounge in, wear them to sleep in...must have about 10 of them in my drawer haha.

- Laptop
Now I'm on maternity leave and have moved to a new area where I don't really know anyone, it's become my lifeline to friends and family and gives me things to do - like my blog!


  1. I have the same ball as you, I sit wriggling on it as I write blog posts! Just entering 3rd trimester myself but so far managing with loads of regular pillows! Best of luck for these last few weeks xx

  2. Thank you! The ball is the best thing isn't it...can't believe how uncomfortable lying on a sofa is now, crazy! xx

  3. My essentials are quite similar- the cocoa butter, the pregnancy pillow (absolute life-saver) and long sweaters that cover my currently larger bum! I have a ball but haven't been using it too much but I'll keep it in mind for those times where nothing else is comfy.


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