Thursday, 17 April 2014

Meet Baby Knott!

Welcome to the world Isla Amelia Knott!!!

Born on Thursday the 17th of April at 16.01, after a 16 hour labour, weighing 8lbs 11ozs.

She arrived a week early and totally took us by surprise. We were just off to bed night around midnight and my waters went! I was in denial and tried to convince my husband I'd just peed myself for the first time haha.

Can't believe how much we love her already :)

Birth story coming soon!


  1. Absolutely beautiful and how amazing do you look straight away! Many congratulations, wishing you a lifetime of joy with your daughter xxx

  2. She's beautiful, congratulations! Cannot wait to read the birth story :) xx

  3. Thank you very much!!
    Will be finishing the birth story this weekend I hope :) xx


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