Friday, 11 April 2014

Packing Hospital Bag for Labour!!

Whats in my hospital bag for labour (well roll-along small suitcase!)

- Asda Little Angels disposable maternity briefs £1.34
- All my essential make up and toiletries and a few pampery bits for that first shower afterwards!
- My Dreamgenii pillow - in case we're there for a couple nights or need to be induced
- hot water bottle, heat helps with my Braxton Hicks so hoping it will also help with the real contractions!...

- Boots Water Face Spray, £4.50 (ish)

- Comfy Lounge/Pyjama Trousers, Primark £6
- White Cotton Gown, Primark £8
- Flip Flops, Primark £2

- Top left - Nightie for giving birth, Primark
 - Bottom Left - Ted Baker low nightie top (for breastfeeding), Sample Sale at work
- Top Right - Nursing Vest, H&M pack of 2 £14.99

Going Home Outfit

- Cardigan, Forever 21 £11.50

Also bringing

- Maternity notes
- iPad 
- iPhone
- Phone charger
- Purse with change
- Kindle
- Magazines
- Snacks

I may have packed far too much, but I learnt my lesson after being admitted for 4 days at 28 weeks pregnant and being really bored and making the husband bring me more and more stuff every time he visited!

Whats in Baby's hospital bag

Updated now that Baby Knott's gender has been revealed!

- Nappy bags
- Cotton pads
- Tomee tippee bottle (just in case)
- x3 short sleeve bodysuits (not all pictured)
- x2 long sleeved bodysuits (not all pictured)
- x2 sleepsuits (not all pictured)
- x3 vest bodysuits (not pictured)
- x2 bibs
- Going home outfit
- x2 muslin clothes
- x2 scratch mitts

I got my bodysuits, sleepsuits and scratch mitts etc from Kiddicare and Asda. These were the most reasonably priced, nicely styled and best quality (for the price) ones I could find.

Baby's going home outfit

Again, I've probably packed far too much but I'd rather be over prepared than under prepared and it all still fits in one bag!

How did you find packing your hospital bags? Was it a bit overwhelming or just exciting?

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  1. I was so excited about packing my hospital bag. I packed and repacked it half a dozen time before I went in. The best thing I packed were drinking straws which made sipping water in whatever position I was labouring in, much easier.
    Thanks for linking up with #BinkyLinky

    1. In hindsight I really wish I'd packed straws! I ended up getting orange juice spilt all down my face by my husband halfway through a contraction!!!

  2. You've done so well!!! I'm packing my bag tomorrow eeep!

    1. How did you get on with packing your bag? It's such a scary/exciting thing to do!

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