Friday, 9 May 2014

2 Weeks Postpartum Update


Starting to feel much more like myself now! 

The first week after birth was pretty tough. I felt like I'd run a marathon. All my muscles were stiff and ached. It was hard to hold Isla for long periods of time because my arms hurt so much! My boobs were in agony after deciding to stop breastfeeding - the slightest touch was so painful! Where I'd had a couple stitches made it sore to move around and sit down and the after birth bleeding was really heavy - lovely!...

But now all is starting to look a little better. The pain in my muscles has eased off, my boobs are getting back to normal (not so solid and rock hard!!), the bleeding is getting much lighter and I feel ready to start doing my postnatal exercises that the hospital advised to do. I got a sheet with easy exercises to build tummy, back and down below muscles back up.

My tummy feels bizarre!! I've been used to having quite strong stomach muscles due to years of dancing and going to the gym etc. They've literally vanished!! My tummy feels like a sack, really depressing. At least it's flattened down though. The first day or two after birth I still had a bit of a bump but breastfeeding helped my uterus contract (you can feel it whilst you're doing it) and go back down. 

Really want to get a Belly Bandit or some Mother Tucker Leggings to help with the mission to restore my tummy back to the way it was but will have to wait till Payday!

I was really lucky and haven't gotten any stretch marks anywhere. I am still continuing to use my stretch mark body butter though, thought I may as well till it runs out.

I feel so unfit compared to what I used to be. Even just walking about gets me a little out of breath which is scary! Will need to get out and go for lots of walks with the pram. The first week after birth I could barely walk and just shuffled along behind everyone, feeling much better this week though!


(My fave photo of her so far!!)

Isla is doing great. She's adjusted to going onto bottles really well and is a very very hungry baby. We ended up having to buy the extra hungry baby formula by SMA and up her feeds to 120mls (4ozs) because she was looking for a bottle every hour or so instead of every 3-4 hours! 


She's up to 8lbs 14 ozs so has gained back her birth weight and some more!


Her length was 19.5 inches at birth and is now 20.5 we think (she was wriggling around a lot whilst we were trying to measure her haha).


No routine as of yet. I've read that you're not supposed to try and get them into a routine too early because they are too young to understand night and day and are unable to comfort themselves. We are on demand feeding and she usually gets up 2 or 3 times between 11pm and 6am looking for a bottle. Lots of nappy changes and she's quite partial to a naked wee or poo inbetween nappy changes!!

Wonder what the next week will bring! It seems like she's changing so much already.

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