Tuesday, 20 May 2014

3 Weeks Postpartum Update


I actually feel bigger than I did last week! I think it's down to still eating as if I was pregnant e.g. what I want rather than what I should (even though I didn't overeat in pregnancy, I just snacked more than I did before). I don't want to diet because a. I feel like it's more a case of toning and b. when life is challenging enough with a newborn, the last thing I want to do is become miserable with watching what I eat...

So basically I'm counting down the days till I can start exercising again. I have been doing the back and stomach exercises the hospital gave me though and they're going well. Need to get out walking more with the pram too.

The bleeding is starting to subside now which is fab. I have finally been able to move off of the maternity brick like pads I've been using, woop. The next delight that I had totally forgotten about till my midwife mentioned it is the first period after birth :/ Not looking forward to that.

My boobs are pretty much back to normal but also feel like they'll need some toning up. They clearly got a shock with the milk coming in then leaving.

My mood is generally happy but tired! I love Isla to bits and love watching her and learning about her but it's a constant, exhausting job. No one can really prepare you for it. I'm looking forward to the days when she'll react to me more rather than just wanting milk all the time haha.



Isla is still doing well. Quite content when fed and changed. Starting to become a lot more alert now and I want to introduce more exciting things into her day e.g. playtime but am worried about over stimulating her and causing problems. Hard to get the rigt balance when you have no idea what to do! She does have a jungle themed playmat so I've been putting her on there but without the music etc on. She's still feeding every 2-3 hours with 120mls (4ozs) and then usually has one stint of 4-5 hours inbetween feeds while she naps.


She's up to 9lbs 4ozs, gaining well. Not surprised with all the milk she's having!


Still no routine at the moment. Really trying to introduce the whole day and night thing though. Keeping things quite loud and bright during the day with lots of chatting. I always say good morning to her and get her changed and freshened up before we come down for the first morning bottle. Then we keep things quieter, darker and calmer at night. I'll do anything to help things along later down the line, I do miss sleep!! We shall see if it actually works soon enough!


  1. You're doing so well, the day/night routine you have going on is similar to what I did and it worked well for us. It means baby L can sleep anywhere during nap times too as he's not bothered by noise. X

    1. I think that's such an important thing - that they can sleep with noise around them. No one wants to be having to tiptoe around every time baby naps!!x

  2. You look great and Isla is beautiful! Glad you're enjoying motherhood xx


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