Thursday, 22 May 2014

4 Weeks Postpartum Update

My 3 week post was a bit late so here's the 4 week one as well!


Getting really fed up with the fact that nothing I own really fits anymore and just generally fed up with the way I look at the moment! Such an awkward stage to be in. All maternity clothes are too big and normal clothes do fit but look awful! I don't think there's any point in buying anything new though as I want to get exercising soon...

The bleeding has completely stopped, woop!

My boobs kind of feel normal but not as toned as they were before. Will start having to do some press ups soon haha.

My mood hasn't been so great this week. I've been hit with a wall of emotion that's just left me feeling really down and upset all the time. It's been really hard to shake. I had two days of just crying constantly. It was horrible. I think it comes down to being in a new area, not knowing a lot of people, missing home, missing London, missing friends and family and Isla being really unsettled this week. Not a good combination! Going to try and get out and about more next week though and keep busy.



Isla has had a really bad week. She's been so unsettled and has really struggled to get herself to sleep. This has led to over tiredness and a whole new world of crying and problems! She's been feeding fine and it still doing her full bottles every 2-3 hours with 1 or 2 4-5 hour stints but she is having crying spells that go on for what feels like forever. She'll be fed, winded and changed and still cry and cry. It's so hard not being able to know why and stop her. Have had to put her in her cot and walk out the room a couple times, it's so hard to cope with. Just want my content baby back!!


Towards the end of week 4 she's up to 11lbs 4ozs!!!! I was shocked! Some first size clothes are starting to not fit now. But then a lot of her 0-3 month clothes are too big so she's in a similar predicament to me haha.


As mentioned above, sleeping hasn't been great. Any remote routine has gone out the window due to the unsettled-ness! I know everyone keeps saying it'll get better but I can imagine a time when Isla will be in a routine or sleep through the night at this moment in time!

Heyho, joys of being a parent :)

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  1. You're looking great!

    I can totally relate to you missing family and friends as I'm living in a new area too. It's tough. Where are you based?

    Night times are tough and I feel like I'll never have another full night's sleep ever again! I'm sure we will eventually and it will be glorious! :) x

  2. Aw thank you!

    It's really hard isn't it. We were in London for 4 years and moved to near Portsmouth about 2 months ago as my husband is in the navy. Gone from living in a huge city to a small town and it's bizarre. My family are up in Scotland too so feel super far away now! Where have you moved to? Have you gotten out and about to meet anyone yet?

    Night times are the worst, I've forgotten what it felt like to have a lie in haha but they're worth it :) xx


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