Monday, 30 June 2014

Will you be my friend?!

Isolation. New mum. These words often find themselves in the same sentence whether it's in the press, baby magazines, on TV, in conversation. There always seems to be a lot of discussion around the topic and now that I've become a new mum I can see why.

My case was always going to be a bit different as I had to move from London to Portsmouth 2-3 weeks before giving birth due to my husbands job. All the midwives we saw down here thought we were crazy especially when Isla came a week early! But we're used to moving so try to take it in our stride.

I've moved around quite a bit throughout my life and have always eventually managed to settle wherever I am. So when people started chatting about having to get out and about and make new friends I thought that I'd be pretty practised in it. I don't think I fully appreciated how different making friends is when you're 'someone's mum' rather than just you and the only thing you have in common with the people you meet (to begin with) is your babies....

Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Baby Routine at 9 Weeks

We decided recently that we thought it would be a good idea to start trying to get Isla into some sort of a routine. We realised that, of course, for the first little while you can't force newborn babies into a routine. Everything has to be pretty much baby demand led and it makes sense at the beginning. 

Your baby is busy figuring out their new world and what they need to happen to survive in it and you're busy figuring out when and why babies need things at certain times. It's a huge learning curve and we felt that until we knew Isla's cues on certain things and tried to learn what her different cries meant, it would be hard to establish a proper routine.

Although, we did try to influence certain things from the beginning in order to make a routine easier in the future. For example, we'd try and make the difference between night and day as obvious as possible with louder noises, lots of chatting and light during the day and a bit more quiet time, darkness and relaxing noises at night. Who knows if it helps at that stage but hopefully it's helped shape Isla's view of the world a little...

Saturday, 21 June 2014

2 Months (8 weeks) Old - Baby Update

(I'm going to start doing monthly post partum updates from now on and separate mine from Isla's updates - hopefully this will make them easier to navigate)


These first two months have been a bit all over the place!...

Thursday, 19 June 2014

Milk & Co Sleepy Bubs Massage Oil Review

We got given the Milk & Co Sleepy Bubs Massage Oil as a gift for Isla and thought we'd do a little review on it as we love it so much!

First of all the packaging and name of the product are super cute. I had a quick look at the whole range online and all the products have great names -

They're an Australian based company whose products use as many natural ingredients as possible. The people behind it are a husband and wife duo who wanted to create a range of products that were simple, effective and affordable that fitted in with family life...

Monday, 16 June 2014

Baby Outfits - A Week In Isla's Wardrobe

We had a BBQ at my mum and dad's house in Scotland for some extended family to meet Isla and the weather was quite nice so this dress was ideal.

I absolutely love the side ruffle poppers on this sleep suit....

Saturday, 14 June 2014

Dentinox Baby Medicines Review

Every mum needs to have a well stocked medicine cabinet once baby arrives (or fancy big medical box in our case!). They always say its better to be safe than sorry and that is definitely 100% the case with little babies. I'd feel like I was tempting fate if I didn't know that I had everything I needed.

Some of the most common baby ailments are sticky eyes, cradle cap and teething. We got sent a couple of Dentinox samples to try out and have been putting them to good use on Isla this week!

Dentinox is a specialist in baby health and has been for over half a century.  With 50 years’ experience of knowing just what babies need, Dentinox understands how tough it can be to treat baby health woes and has developed products to help mummies and daddies out!

Dentinox Eye Wipes RRP £3.49:

Isla, like most newborns, always seems to have something going on around her eyes whether its dry skin, gunk or dried tears. Sticky eyes are common in babies because their tear ducts are rather small and can get blocked pretty easily. We would usually use cooled boiled water and cotton wool balls but its a bit of a faff! It obviously takes a while for the water to cool and then I find the cotton wool can break off and you end up having to pick that off too...

Thursday, 12 June 2014

8 Weeks Postpartum Update


We've had been at home (well my home!) in Scotland for the past week which has meant I've probably had the best week so far since Isla was born. Lots of people on hand to help with feeds, comforting etc which has eased the pressure a bit and provided a little break. Absolutely dreading going back to Portsmouth now as the husband will be back to work full time and studying in the evenings, which will be a shock to the system. Don't feel ready to be left alone all day in a new area.

Weight wise I feel bigger this week, probably because of all the wine and eating that's involved in catching up with people! Oh well, I can focus on losing the baby weight when we get back and I need something to keep myself busy (other than Isla!!)...

Sunday, 8 June 2014

Seraphine Postnatal Leggings Review

After I had Isla I tried to keep wearing maternity leggings and jeans until my body started to return to normal but they just didn't fit right. They were too big and my normal pre pregnancy jeans were a bit too small, the usual dilemma after giving birth!

I'd read about postnatal leggings that encourage your muscles to knit back together and your uterus to contract back to where it should be so I began a hunt to find a pair.

I'd read about Mothertucker leggings on another blog but they were a US brand and a bit expensive/hard to source. A lot of the ones I came across were either from America or just not suitable - i.e. shorts instead of full length.

Then I went on Seraphine's website and found these beauties:

They're only £25 which I think is a bargain for the quality of Seraphine's clothes.

I ordered mine and they arrived within a week. When I opened the parcel I was glad there had only been size M/L available because they looked small! I'm a size 10 normally and these fit perfectly for me...

Friday, 6 June 2014

Postpartum - 6 Weeks


I had my 6 week check up this week at my GPs and everything seems to be ok. She checked my weight and height, which apparently is fine for my height range but still almost 10kg more than I was before I got pregnant so I'm in shock! I never weighed myself throughout my pregnancy, as I prefer to go on how I look and how clothes fit instead, but seeing it on the scales scared me a bit! She also did my blood pressure, had a feel of my uterus, tummy muscles and vajayjay muscles (haha) and all looks good. 

This means I now have the go ahead to start exercising again which I'm excited about. Going to start slow and go swimming and maybe book onto some yoga/Pilates classes. Then in time I can get back to the running etc I was doing before I got pregnant. I just want to feel toned and more like myself again. Feeling a bit like a sack just now!

The doctor did advise me to carry on doing all the postnatal exercises you get given when you leave hospital and to ease back in gently. No full on sit ups and circuit training yet...

Thursday, 5 June 2014

Baby Shopping Haul 4th June

A very girly pink baby shopping haul this week!

We were given some Next vouchers as a gift and really struggled to choose something as there are too many lovely kids clothes in there.

The cotton they use for their Sleepsuits is amazing, so soft and thick. You can really feel the quality.

All from Next

Pack of 3 Sleepsuits, £16
Top, £7

This top will go really well with a pair of White leggings...

Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Baby Outfits - A Week in Isla's Wardrobe!

A week of baby outfits!


Asda Bodysuit, Gap Shorts


Home Knitted Cardi, Kiddicare Bodysuit, Asda Leggings...