Thursday, 12 June 2014

8 Weeks Postpartum Update


We've had been at home (well my home!) in Scotland for the past week which has meant I've probably had the best week so far since Isla was born. Lots of people on hand to help with feeds, comforting etc which has eased the pressure a bit and provided a little break. Absolutely dreading going back to Portsmouth now as the husband will be back to work full time and studying in the evenings, which will be a shock to the system. Don't feel ready to be left alone all day in a new area.

Weight wise I feel bigger this week, probably because of all the wine and eating that's involved in catching up with people! Oh well, I can focus on losing the baby weight when we get back and I need something to keep myself busy (other than Isla!!)...

I absolutely hate my stomach just now. I've never had such a lot of jiggle going on but I accept it because there's such a good reason for it! Will definitely need some advice on exact exercises to attack the muscles in there again.

Health wise I feel ok. Excited to start exercising when we get back but will need to ease in slowly. Tried to run to the car the other day and got stabbing pains in my lower stomach - oh dear.

Emotionally I'm good just now but we'll see if that stays the same when we get back. I can feel the sense of dread in my stomach starting already but heyho, what can you do. Will just have to start planning the next visit up.

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