Thursday, 19 June 2014

Milk & Co Sleepy Bubs Massage Oil Review

We got given the Milk & Co Sleepy Bubs Massage Oil as a gift for Isla and thought we'd do a little review on it as we love it so much!

First of all the packaging and name of the product are super cute. I had a quick look at the whole range online and all the products have great names -

They're an Australian based company whose products use as many natural ingredients as possible. The people behind it are a husband and wife duo who wanted to create a range of products that were simple, effective and affordable that fitted in with family life...

At £11.99 it's not cheap but it feels like it'll last for ages and is well worth the money for the quality of the product.

It's in a handy squirty bottle that dispenses a good amount of oil which is clear coloured. It is made up of sunflower oil, rosehip oil, calendula oil and lavender which makes it smell amazing.

We use it after bathtime during massage time. I've still not 100% got the hang of the massaging technique but I'm getting there. Sometimes she loves it, other times she looks concerned!

As an added bonus, it leaves my hands really soft but not greasy like some oils do.

Below - a very content baby after her massage!

I like knowing that the products I'm using on Isla are as natural as possible in order to protect her delicate skin.

What are your favourite bathtime baby products?

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