Friday, 6 June 2014

Postpartum - 6 Weeks


I had my 6 week check up this week at my GPs and everything seems to be ok. She checked my weight and height, which apparently is fine for my height range but still almost 10kg more than I was before I got pregnant so I'm in shock! I never weighed myself throughout my pregnancy, as I prefer to go on how I look and how clothes fit instead, but seeing it on the scales scared me a bit! She also did my blood pressure, had a feel of my uterus, tummy muscles and vajayjay muscles (haha) and all looks good. 

This means I now have the go ahead to start exercising again which I'm excited about. Going to start slow and go swimming and maybe book onto some yoga/Pilates classes. Then in time I can get back to the running etc I was doing before I got pregnant. I just want to feel toned and more like myself again. Feeling a bit like a sack just now!

The doctor did advise me to carry on doing all the postnatal exercises you get given when you leave hospital and to ease back in gently. No full on sit ups and circuit training yet...

Even though my body is getting back to normal my hormones are still all over the place. I find myself snapping for no reason and crying which is really unlike me. Hopefully it'll pass soon!



Isla has had a better time these past couple weeks. She seems to be a bit more settled and we have started trying to implement a teeny bit of routine as well. She is on 5oz (150ml) bottles and has, on average, 6 a day. I think the guideline is 5 bottles a day but Isla is one hungry baby! She has shifted her night feeds to a bit later on. Usually last one at 12am then one between 4 and 5am and now sometimes she can go to between 8 and 9am now. It seems to change randomly every now and again though. I think it's going to be really hard to get Isla into a routine with how on demand her feeding has been. We shall see!


At our 6 week check up she was 11lbs 12ozs!! So still putting on weight well.


As mentioned above the night time sleeping has shifted to a bit later and she goes a little bit longer between feeds. During the day she hasn't really been napping as much as she should do which results in her being overtired and grouchy. If she manages to nap between 10 and lunchtime then she's usually in a good mood for the day. She often has a good long afternoon nap too but she seems to get more and more alert every day now!


Isla pushes herself up during tummy time. We think we may have seen a couple smiles this week but haven't had a camera to hand for photographic evidence!

Dying for her to start smiling at us properly!


  1. You look totally amazing at only 6 weeks post-partum, and very rested (which can't be true ha!) Isla is a cutie and I love her little outfits, can't wait to have one of our own very shortly! Beth x

  2. Haha why thank you! I don't feel it at all, need to seriously start exercising and watching what I eat! It's all down to good foundation (the looking rested!). How are you getting on? Excited?! :) xx

  3. You look amazing!! I looked like a walking zombie when my little one was 6 weeks old. I found that my litte one stopped napping at 6 weeks unless he was being held - was very draining, but it soon got better :)
    Have just followed you on bloglovin after having a quick read through your blog and want to read your future posts xx


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