Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Mothercare Mobile Review

I just had to write a review on this Mothercare mobile because it has literally changed our lives! We got given the mobile by Grannie and Grandad (my mum and dad).

Before he came into our lives, between 9am and 10-10.30am was a constant struggle in our household. I would have fed I her bottle but she'd be awake and looking for sources of full on entertainment, which when you're trying to get ready and do some household chores, was a nightmare...

Onto the technical bits. The mobile is from Early Learning Centre/Mothercare and cost £34.99

These are the deets from ELC.com:

product information

Mothercare loves...

…this gorgeous mobile with its friendly characters and reassuring night light.

Want to know more?

Mothercare's Safari Musical Mobile will definitely brighten up your little one's bedroom or nursery with its vibrant, colourful and soft characters.

This mobile offers a soft glowing night light to help reassure your baby whilst the hanging toys rotate and sway to the gentle melodies, soothing your little one to sleep.

The Safari Musical Mobile will help develop your baby's auditory and perception skills. It can also be operated by the supplied remote control so can reactivate it without your little one seeing you. This mobile will easily attach to most cots.

It  has 3 settings:
- Nightlight only
- Mobile movement only
- Nightlight/mobile movement and song

There are 3 different song settings on the mobile:
- Classical
- Lullaby
- Nature

And there are 3 different sound level settings:
- Mute
- Quiet
- Louder

The mobile plays well known songs and the safari characters are positioned perfectly at different levels and colourful. They really keep baby's attention and I've watched I develop from just staring at the mobile to really following the characters round.

We have set it up in I's big cot in her nursery as it doesn't fit on her bedside cot. It needs something to go through to attach to. It is actually perfect that this is the case though because it allows I to get used to her bigger cot.

It keeps her so entertained that every morning, without fail (for the past month - since we got the mobile), I have been able to have a shower undisturbed and get on with and household things that need doing/bottles that need making. One day time went so quickly I was up under her mobile for 2 hours!!

She makes the best noises when watching it and you can tell she gets genuinely excited by it. It stops roughly every 25-30 minutes (I haven't timed it!) and you have to go up and press a button to start it up again. Although it does come with a remote but I'm yet to figure it out! Apparently you can turn it back on from a distance.I can tell whenever it stops because I will shout for me to come sort it haha.

So I would say that, without a doubt, this is one of the BEST baby items you can buy for a new baby! A complete essential for us.

Thank you Mothercare, you have given a new mummy the most valuable thing at the moment...time!

Do you have mobiles for your little ones? Do they like them as much as I does?

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