Monday, 14 July 2014

Mummy Monday: 12 Weeks Postpartum Update

Oh my goodness, as of this week I'm now 27, eeeek! Late twenties here I am. 30 is creeping closer far too fast!

Anyway, after that mini freak out, here's the 12 week postpartum update. I can't believe it's been 12 weeks. The first 6 weeks went quite slowly but these last 6 weeks have flown by.

Weight wise I honestly feel like I'm bigger than I was a few weeks ago! I don't weigh myself so can't know for sure. I'm not sure what's going on because I'm barely managing to have breakfast or lunch and at night I normally just have a relatively healthy meal with the husband. I'm not a big snacker and my vices such and crisps and cheese, aren't really in the house much. It's all very bizarre. I'll just have to get down the gym more. Although not having wine would probably help too but that's just boring!...

I had an induction at the gym about a week ago and have managed to go a couple times. I'd like to get it up to around 3-4 times a week with a class thrown in as well. The gym I go to has a kinetica fitness programme where you meet with a trainer who will help you achieve your goals. I'm meeting with one next Wednesday so will be like 'get rid of my mum tum now pleeeease!!'.

It's still mainly my tummy that's the huge issue, not surprisingly. Even though I can feel my muscles coming back, there's a weird jiggly layer on top which needs to go! Need to strengthen my chest muscles up too. That brief spell of breastfeeding hasn't done anything for my boobs haha.

Emotionally I feel in a better place. I feel like there's a lot stronger bond between Isla and I. This is probably because she's getting to a stage now where she's much more interactive and seems to realise (a bit more) who I am. It makes days easier and I feel like we're a little team, apart from when she's screaming for a couple hours in the evening but daddy's back then so it's all good!

Health wise everything continues to be ok with me and it seems like a distant memory that I was ever pregnant. The migraines I've had all my life before getting pregnant haven't returned hey so long may that continue. I have only had 1 period in these 12 weeks which doesn't seem like a lot but my cycles were a bit all over the place before we had Isla so will probably just continue to be that way.

I'm keeping busy with baby groups. We now go to 3 groups and to a 'life with baby' class run by health visitors. I try to organise other things and keep busy for the rest of the time. I feel like I'm slowly getting to know a few people round here which is lovely. Blogging always helps too!

I have to start organising Isla's christening properly now as well. It's going to be at the end of August back up at home in Aberdeen. It will be fun to arrange a little party for her.

I'm planning a trip up home at the end of the month for Isla and I so that will be good if I can get it sorted - flights are extortionate just now. We're also heading up to the husband's parent's place one weekend so they can see Isla again.

It's going to be a busy month!


  1. Best advice I can give you now that my little miss is eight months old, don't worry about your weight, you are gorgeous as you are! You will burn it all off in energy when baby is moving - believe me!

    1. Aw thanks! That sounds like a good plan!! It's just so hard when you feel uncomfortable :/

  2. You look great! And wahey - welcome to the 27 club! :) x


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