Thursday, 10 July 2014

Preparing Baby Bottles - Formula Feeding

There are a lot of posts out there on breastfeeding so I thought I'd write a quick one on the bottle feeding process as I was a bit clueless when I gave up breastfeeding and started bottle feeding. I hadn't been given any info prior to birth about it.

The process...

1. It's all about the sterile environment. You're trying to keep the whole process as sterile as possible so first step is to disinfect the kitchen surfaces you'll be using

2. Wash those hands!...

3. Wash the bottles in warm water with washing up liquid and rinse with cold water. Pop washed bottles into steriliser

4. Stack them up like a tetris game! We used to have tommee tippee bottles but swapped to Dr Brown's so have to play a fun game to get them to fit in the tommee tippee steriliser

5. Turn the steriliser on. Watch out that you don't get burnt by the steam if you open it up quite soon after it's finished. I know some people use a pan of boiling water or a microwave steamer to sterilise their bottles but I'm not sure how they work

6. Get your formula out if you haven't already

7. Boil the kettle with fresh (not re-boiled) water. Wait for the water to cool down for no more than 30 mins then fill bottle up to required amount

8. Use the little scoop to carefully scoop in the required amount of formula. It's one scoop of formula to every 30mls of water. Try your best to pack the scoops properly to stop the milk having too much or too little formula in it - this can make baby sick

9. Mix the formula with the cooled boiled water. I used a long plastic spoon that I sterilise each time now as you can't shake the Dr Brown's bottles

10. Construct the air vent part of the bottle. I try to touch it as little as possible but it't hard because it need to be secure

11. Pop the teat structure on and secure with the lid

12. Cool to room temperature in a bowl of cold water

(test milk temperature on wrist before feeding) 

And the most important part...


Everyone says these days not to make up bottles in advance and the formula tins say they 'recommend making up bottles as required' but as you can see, from the above, its a long process and if you have a screaming baby, it's not very practical. We make up 3 bottles in a go. Any bottles that are made up in advance need to be used within 24 hours.

I've heard so many good things about this bad boy and wish we'd invested in one at the beginning:

Binky Linky


  1. Hi!

    I combination fed Gwenn from birth up until I stopped breastfeeding when she was 9.5 months (and I went back to work - boooooo!). I was so put off by the formula instructions - waiting for 30 minutes?!?!? Mad - that we used ready for feed stuff and even though I wasn't having to rely on it exclusively, it was still SO expensive. It's about £3 for a litre! I'll be honest, if I have another baby I would hopefully breastfeed again but I can definitely see me topping up with formula too, and I think I would use the ready to feed stuff again. It costs more but I thought it was worth it for the convenience and I'm obviously just really lazy! Or I'd invest in the Perfect Prep, although they do take up a lot of room if you think about the steriliser too. We used to call ours The Beast!


  2. We have a TT perfect prep machine and it's amazing. Wouldn't be without it now. :)

    Jenna at Tinyfootsteps xx

  3. We've bought a perfect prep machine on the advice of a friend ready for this baby, Ive heard such great things about it, and think it'll be much easier for OH to use rather than going thru all the instructions with him over & over! hehe.
    Lianne | TheBrunetteSays...

  4. Wow, that perfect prep machine looks cool, I wish we'd had one of those when we were bottle feeding our twins 13 years ago! At the time it was fine to make 24 hours worth of bottles at a time and dh would make it in a jug with a lid by weighing the powder (only ever had to count it once!) every morning before he went to work. I can't imagine the faff of trying to make bottles like they recommend now! #binkylinky

  5. Formula has its advantages. Homemade baby formula is best because you can control what you put in it.

  6. that perfect prep machine looks cool

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