Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Tested Tuesday: Widgey Nursing Pillow

I first laid eyes on one of these Widgey nursing pillows at a baby group I went along to. They had a few of them scattered around and I popped Isla in one when one was handed to me. The first thing that impressed me about the Widgey was the firmness of it. I'd been put off nursing pillows because a lot of the ones I'd seen were quite flimsy...

It is so comfortable and has helped my back out a lot when feeding Isla her bottles. Back muscles are often weakened in pregnancy and labour and this is a lovely support to ease some of the aches and pains you get whilst sitting in one position feeding.

I got mine from Kiddicare in the sale for £24.95. I did see it cheaper in Asda thought but it's sold out on their website.

I love the bright pattern of this cover. It does come with other covers but I think this one is fab for babies because of its bright, contrasting colours and shapes. I've caught Isla, on a few occasions, staring at it!

She loves being propped up in it and at just over 3 months old she is much happier being sat slightly up right rather than on her back. I think it's because she's getting nosier by the day and doesn't like to miss out on anything.

These are the details on the Widgey from the Kiddicare website:


The Widgey nursing pillow is strong and firm to provide good support to the baby whilst feeding and support their back.
The nursing pillow will also grip around your waistline comfortably offering you a feeling of security and remove the need for you to keep adjusting it for comfort during feeding.
The multi use pillow has many functions including pre-natal back support for you, optional between knees support whilst sleeping or as a wedge to rest under your tummy when sleeping on your side.
Rest your baby, within the curve, on the floor after feeding, prop your baby within whilst they learn to sit upright and cushion their fall if they topple over. Older kids can lie on the pillow to watch their favourite programme.


Back support for a mum

Support pillow for breast feeding

Nestle your baby comfortably whilst resting

Surround tumble support as they learn to sit

  • Removable 100% cotton washable cover
  • Multiple uses
  • Polyester filling

I'd also like to add that it is a comfortable pillow to snuggle next to your baby too!

As you can see, Isla does all sorts in her Widgey pillow! It really is a great product to get for you and your baby. It makes feeding a dawdle and is quite nice to take a nap on yourself!!

I highly recommend it. Well worth every penny and I wish I'd gotten a Widgey sooner.


  1. Love the Blog! Think I will get one of these, they look great! I have taken your advice and have bought a Chicco next to me crib! How is yours holding up? Mine arrives tomorrow ready for baby in October! Even though it's second baby for me, things have changed so much in nine years since I last did it! Keep up the blogging! Sam and Bump (28 weeks)

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