Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Wonder Weeks App Review

Originally I had the Wonder Weeks book recommended to me but I never got round to investigating it. About 3 weeks ago the Wonder Weeks app popped up on my radar through another blog and I decided to have a look into it. 

You can download the Wonder Weeks app from the iTunes Store for £1.49 if you're on an apple device and from the Play store for £1.25 if you're on an android device. It is well worth the money you pay for it!

The home screen looks like this:

You put in you child's details and you can add numerous children onto the app just by entering their name, age, whether they are a boy or girl and an optional picture...

The leaps screen looks like this:

It's full of information on what your baby's brain is up to during that particular developmental leap. 

It's full of information and splits it out into 4 areas - Summary, Abilities, Signs and Help. The information is easy to read, not overwhelming and provides really useful and key points covering the leap that your child is going through. Signs is a key section because it tells you what your baby might be doing to indicate he or she is going through a particular leap. So far it's been spot on with Isla and has really helped me understand why she's being a certain way or more difficult at times!

The leaps tab shows you all the leaps that your baby will go through at some point:

The chart tab is fab because it is a diagrammatic way of showing when your baby will hit different leaps. It's a quick and easy reference page:

As I said, so far, it's been spot on with Isla's leaps and I would highly recommend any new mum to download the app. It's just another way of trying to make life with a baby easier to understand!

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