Monday, 4 August 2014

Mummy Monday: Me Time with a Baby

Before I had a baby I don't think I fully appreciated what it felt like to be needed at any point within a 24 hour period! I woke up when I needed to, got ready and then got on with whatever I needed to with my day. Whether it was work, plans with friends or errands, it was under my time control and if there was spare time at any point of the day, it would be dedicated to me time. 

Me time for me used to usually mean things like going to the gym, catching up on recorded TV programmes, sitting on the laptop (which the husband would say is what I do the most), pampering or skyping far away family or friends.

Now me time has taken on a new definition. It's any time I manage to snatch back within a day to just sit and catch up with everything I haven't managed to during the day. It usually means sitting on the laptop figuring out things for the blog, organising what we're meant to be doing within a given month (if we're going away etc), googling and booking classes for Isla, sorting my husbands life out etc etc. The list goes on and on and never seems to end!! I struggle to get everything I want to done within the tiny bit of time I have - Isla is still going down around 10pm which doesn't leave much of an evening left. I am also trying my best to fit in 3 gym sessions a week which is an effort!...

It's hard because you don't want to wish your baby to sleep all the time just so you can get things done because this time is so precious and you never get it back. Unfortunately, though, life doesn't stop just because your gorgeous little baby has come along and things just seem to pile up quicker than the naps come along! 

I am lucky that my husband is very hands on and will always take Isla for a bit if I really need to get something done but he's got a lot of studying to do in the evenings at the moment which is obviously a priority.

My problem is that I can't let go of things and if they aren't done, I really stress about it which is a recipe for disaster with a baby thrown into the mix! 

I think I need to get myself along to Paperchase, set myself up with some pretty stationery and notebooks (because they always help with organisation haha) and take back control of the to do tasks that are stacking up at the moment. Because, actually, sorting your life out doesn't really constitute as me time. 

Then once I get on top of that then maybe (just maybe) I can maybe manage to sneak in a bath or reading a book. Let's be honest though, I'll probably just end up watching Geordie Shore or the new Teen Mom 2 series but that's ok!

How do you get on with sneaking an hour here or there for your me time?


  1. Hahaha I love those shows too!
    It can be hard when it's relentless but I'm lucky that my twins now will have 2 naps in the day so that's when I try to blitz everything but there are days where I completely flake out when they're napping - we are only human!!

  2. I totally feel for you and it;s amazing what an adjustment it is to have no me-time when baby is born! You definitely have to learn how to squeeze more in to a short space of time, and it is so hard! I wish I had some tips for you.... but I really don't! Enjoy your time with baba, and enjoy naps so you can get things done! It does get a bit easier when you can get them sleeping earlier in the evening, I remember the days of 10/11pm bedtimes very well! You'll get there though :) xx #mummymonday

  3. It is so hard to grab me time sometimes - I'm still struggling with late bedtimes for my youngest despite constant attempts to get her to go down at the same time as her older sister. I find I end up staying up too late just to have some time for myself and then I don't get enough sleep and get grumpy so have to then remind myself to get an early night - and me time goes out of the window again! I wish I had some tips to help at this stage, but it does get better when you can get them to have an earlier bedtime and they mostly sleep through until morning. Good luck with trying to organise your me-time!

  4. Brilliant post - very similar to how I've been feeling the last week or two as my 13wk old man has gotten more demanding! A week ago we started putting him to bed by 7 and that's working really well... so we have our evenings back and 'me time' for baths, TV etc. But I always have so much stuff and 'admin' to do in the day and I never get through my list! he's having much shorter day naps now so every nap I think 'right, what can I do now... shower? those phonecalls I need to make? reply to texts/messages? washing up? laundry?' etc etc I wouldn't change it for the world but it is hard after the earlier weeks where they sleep so much!xx

  5. It is so hard but you will get there, I love stationary too really helps to organise, love the pink :) #mummymonday


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