Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Tested Tuesday: Munchkin Grippy Dots

I've been meaning to get a bath mat (how exciting!) for a while now so that Isla's bath support from Mothercare doesn't slide about now she's packing on the pounds and is a bit of a wriggly fish!

My problem is I'm really fussy with anything that's to do with home decoration and the thought of a gross cream or clear bath mat that will go all mouldy within no time at all put me off buying one for ages.

Then these little beauties caught my eye in Asda last week. They're fun, they're colourful and they're something a bit different...

Unfortunately I got ripped off in Asda and payed £8 where as they are £4.95 in Tesco. Shame on you Asda, that £3 could have bought me a Starbucks!

One of the dots is also a clever little cookie and will tell you if your water is too hot by lighting up with the words HOT!

They stick onto the bath really well and provide great grip for the bath support. They look like they'll be really easy to wash too. Great for a mould-a-phobe like me.

I have a feeling we're going to buy the whole bath range from Munchkin because it's all so fun and colourful. Will be good to jazz up our boring military accommodation bathroom!

I mean look at this character, who wouldn't want to see him at bath time?!

Would definitely recommend the Munchkin bath products.

On a side note, I am still considering going back to a smaller baby specific bath for Isla. She's only in the big bath because the baby bath we bought was far too hard and plastic-ey and a funny shape. I'm liking the look of the Stokke Flexi Bath.

Any other recommendations?


  1. I love munchkin products, I've got a few of their teething toys and Jasmine loves them. As for baby baths, people seem to love the schnuggle baby baths? Not sure how long they last in terms of baby size though.

    Jenna at Tinyfootsteps xx

  2. We have a few Munchkin bits and bobs - I've never seen these though. We do have a Munchkin duck which says 'HOT' on the bottom if the water is too hot though, which I guess is similar x

  3. We have these dots for the exact same reasons!!! X


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