Thursday, 7 August 2014

Topic Thursday: Public Transport with a Baby

Public transport and babies. Not what you would imagine to be a good combination! 

This is specifically related to trains and the tube in London (I didn't have to get on any buses thank goodness!).

I decided I wanted to take Isla in to see people in my old office in Central London. Usually I would drive up and I have taken Isla in the car up to London many times with no problems at all. The only thing with getting to my office is that it's right in the centre of London and not ideal for traffic/parking etc. So I decided to take a train and the tube to get there.

Here's our adventure...

When we got to our station I went and asked an attendant where was best to get on with a buggy. They weren't much used but advised to look for a carriage with a disabled icon on it. I did that and ended up having to run after the carriage as it didn't stop where I was told it would!

We got on fine and found a seat but had to swap trains after a few stops. When I went to get off the train, I went forward wheels first with the buggy and the whole thing fell and got stuck between the train and platform. Luckily Isla was strapped in otherwise I dread to think what would have happened. Some lovely other travellers helped me pull the buggy out from between the gap and we eventually got on our next train. 

Note to self - always get on and off a train back wheels first!!!!

Train selfie after the stress of getting on! But then...a huge SPIDER jumped into Isla's pram and tried to have a nap with her. The man across from us jumped up, picked it up, threw it to the ground and stamped on it. Felt sorry for the spider!

Always carry water with you if the weather is hot. It can get pretty sticky on public transport, especially the tube!

Area where buggies were allowed to be. Near the toilets, lovely!!

Getting off the train at Waterloo was fine once I'd figured out, from our mishap earlier, that you go backwards off a train with a buggy. They have ticket gates for disabled users, people with luggage and buggies so we went out through one of them with no stress. The whole reason I had planned my journey through Waterloo was to be able to get a lift down to the tube platforms. Unfortunately when we got there and asked an attendant how to get to the lifts, we were told they were out of order. 

Cue panic when I realised I had no idea how to get on an escalator with a buggy!!

Eventually I plucked up the courage to go on backwards which seemed to be the best way to make sure Isla was safe. I had a quick google to see what other people thought and going on backwards seemed to be the popular choice. It was ok once I figured out to stand 2 steps away instead of 1. I almost got crushed by the buggy the first time!

We got through the ticket gates and then went down another escalator and round to get to the Northern line platforms. Then we were hit with another dilemma. Stairs! First I tried to bump Isla down in the buggy but it was a bit too rough and she started screaming so I ended up picking the whole thing up (clearly because of the adrenaline I had going round me) and running down the stairs.

Finally made it on the tube!

Once we got off I panicked and realised there was no way I'd be able to get the buggy back up a flight of stairs with Isla in it. I had visions of having to take the whole thing apart and run up and down with various parts! Luckily a lovely man offered to help carry the buggy up which was a relief.

When going up an escalator with a buggy stand one step down from it and support it on the way up. So much easier than the way down.

Outside my office in Central London!

Some well deserved food and drink. Love a plate of nachos! (I didn't eat them all myself!!)

On the tube back to Waterloo to catch the train back :( This time a woman helped us up the stairs at Waterloo. I reckon if you hang around long enough looking stressed someone will help you at some point. And this is coming from someone who did live in London for 4 years and knows very well the reputation of us London commuters!

We got back on the train with no problems and I managed to get a seat on a fold down chair with the buggy right next to me.

Sleepy baba on the train back till daddy picked us up.

So all in all, it was a bit of a stress but I reckon if you were travelling with someone it would be totally fine. Need to bring someone with me next time or drive like I usually do!


  1. You are brave! There are friendly people around that help but still I can’t imagine going on the train or tube in London with a buggy. But I am glad to see that you made it around fine. thanks for sharing!

    1. Haha part of me did think I'll just have to stay on the tube all the way up to my friend's stop and call for help but I manned up and figured it out! Rush hour would have been horrific tho...would never bother to attempt that :) Thanks for commenting!

  2. This sounds so stressful but I admire your bravery for venturing into London via public transport with a buggy! I think I would've cried when I realised I had to go up or down stairs!

    Jenna at Tinyfootsteps xx

    1. Thanks lovey! I had a bit of a cry inside when I saw the stairs haha xx

  3. I hate getting the train with the buggy! One day they'll realise that the trains are actually nowhere near the platform haha, nightmare! You are so brave, I wouldn't do London without jack lol xx

  4. I've yet to try getting on a train with the pram (not sure I will try after reading that!), I have got the bus a couple of times, but last time the break on the pram decided to jam so the wheels wouldn't move. I literally had to pick up the entire pram and carry it off the bus!


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