Thursday, 28 August 2014

Topic Thursday: Taking care of yourself as a new mum

Once you've gone through pregnancy and had your baby it's easy to get sucked into the all consuming, albeit lovely, world of being a mummy. Being a mum is a 24/7 job with no holiday days to take. You become the entourage to your beautiful little newborn from the minute they are born.It can be easy to lose sight of the little things that you used to enjoy and that made you feel like 'you'.

Here are a few (very simple!) tips on how to jump out of the mum-rut!

Even if it's just for a trim, having your hair seen to can make you feel like a whole new person. It can be hard to get to the salon but if you can take baba along or get the partner to watch them in the evening for an hour, go for it! There's also plenty of fab mobile hairdressers out there that will come to you and are often cheaper than the salons...

Painting your nails sounds small and insignificant but I feel like a whole new person when I've got my them done. There's something about having freshly painted nails that makes you feel 'put together', even if you've been in your pyjamas all day! I like to get gel nails that last 2-3 weeks so that I get the maximum amount of time out of a polish as possible but I do paint them myself in between if I can't get to the salon/can't justify spending money on going!

Hands up if you now, after having a baby, seem to only go shopping for them?! I certainly do. I get just as much of a kick out of shopping for Isla as I do for myself that most of my shopping trips just end up in a whole load of purchases for her! When I do manage to choose something for myself, half the time I feel guilty and the other half I feel rubbish about the way I look in it. I've decided I need to get over this and just spend a bit of timing picking a few treats that fit properly and make me feel good.

If a grandparent, partner, friend, relative offers to help out, say yes!!! Whether it's babysitting for an hour or an evening, doing a feed (obviously for bottle babies!), offering to do bath time, pick up nappies from the shop, whatever it is, if you feel comfortable with it, do it. I know we all try to be supermums and do it all ourselves but it's amazing how one little act of helpfulness from someone can ease the pressure.

Whether it's blogging, online shopping, a sport, a hobby, crafting, DIY, watching a certain TV programme, bird watching (no judging!), take some time out to do something that doesn't relate to your baby once in a while. It helps you to remember what life was like before baby and will make you appreciate the little characters even more.

This is one the partners will appreciate too! It's great for confidence and your relationship if you manage to get out on a date every now and again. It gives you a bit of time to reconnect and remember why you're together and had a baby! By all means, if you want to, talk about your little one but it's nice when you're out of the constant parenting situation for a couple hours to talk about things you used to talk about before they came along.

In saying this, my husband and I went for dinner once and amongst talking about all sorts of other things, we spent 10 mins scrolling through pictures of Isla!

Sleep is 100% one of the most important things that nearly every parent will advise you to grab with two hands if the opportunity arises! There's the whole 'sleep when your baby sleeps' rubbish that people try to tell you to do (so who's going to do the housework, washing, food shopping etc?!), but I found that if I could sneak a nap when someone else was looking after Isla or just get to bed a bit earlier once she went down, it made the world of difference. No one can function on minimal sleep, especially us hard worked mummies!

What do you try to make time for to take care of yourself?

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