Monday, 8 September 2014

Mummy Monday: 5 Month Postpartum Update


I've been back at home up in Scotland for 2 and a half weeks this month so have had a great time! The husband was only with us for the first 5 days so the rest of the time it was just Isla and I. Oh and all of my family and friends at home of course. Was just trying to make out it was harder without him there when it wasn't haha! We were out and about quite a lot and loved catching up with everyone. I even ended up extending my flight to stay an extra few days. As much as I missed Rob, I really miss being around my family so it was nice to et the opportunity to stay a bit longer.

Other than that what else has been going on?...

I had a leaving night out in London for my best friend (from where I worked) as she's off to Australia to live. Lucky chucky! It was really fun, my feet hated me in the morning though...had some super high heels on.


Obviously I have been really happy whilst I've been at home. It's just so nice to feel comfortable all the time and everything feels easier up there. Heyho never mind back to the routine here now! I had a bit of a emotional sad moment when I got back but it's probably to do with the fact I had to say goodbye to a friend that is moving and was out till 4am last night for said friend's leaving do!


Far too much eating (ahem, and drinking wine/prosecco) at home has resulted in me gaining quite a bit of weight back. Noooooo. Still fitting into my pre pregnancy jeans and all the other clothes I had started fitting into but they definitely feel a little snugger!

Will be back at the gym 3 times a week now that I'm here again. I went a few times at home and each time I felt 100 times better for it but we were just too busy. Oh and it cost £6 a go to get into my parent's fitness centre place.

I am super super super unhappy with my stomach so that will be the target zone, yet again. When I stand up its (sort of) alright but when I sit down it's horrific!!!

My legs are still looking the same (because they rarely ever change) and my arms are staying toned due to lifting my lovely daughter who is of a good weight!

Another random thing I've noticed this month is that my feet seem to have changed shape since I've been pregnant. I don't really feel any difference in flat shoes but in heels I do. Heels that used to fit really well don't anymore and it's really frustrating! Has anyone else found this?


I've been having really odd sickness and dizzy spells recently. I've also been getting sharp pains in my tummy so perhaps I'll go to the doctor at some point. I rarely ever go though! My migraines have started to sneak in again too but not the point of a full on migraine so that's a silver lining I guess.

So that's another month gone by. Need it to slow down a little!


  1. You're tummy looks pretty good to me hon, though I know all too well ita how you feel about it that matters! Totally with you with the feet, heels were a.lot less comfy after monkey, I think its because the relaxin means your bones and joints move a bit when you're pregnant. Umm yeah sharp pains aren't good, go to the Dr!! Xx #mummymonday

    1. Thank you lovey! It's weird how many things change body wise after pregnancy. I definitely wasn't expecting feet changes haha xx

  2. You look amazing to me, It still looked like I had a bump 5 months post partum! You look lovely in your night out photos #mummymonday


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