Monday, 29 September 2014

Mummy Monday: Dad Q&A On Pregnancy

My husband doesn't really have anything to do with the blog but he obviously has a lot to do with our little family's life so I thought it would be nice to include him for once! Here's a Q&A session with him all about my pregnancy!

Q: How did you feel when you first found out I was pregnant?

A: I was excited, gobsmacked and so happy all in one. It took a while for it to happen so I felt like we were finally getting to start our little family

Q: What were you most excited about?

A: Even from the start, I was most excited about getting to meet our little baby. Getting to see who they looked like, what they liked etc. Was getting ahead of myself a bit...

Q: What were you most scared about?

A: Not being able to protect the baby until they were born. The responsibility that comes with having a baby. Not knowing what to do to begin with and whether I'd manage to do anything right/be able to keep a baby alive, we struggled to keep garden plants alive!

Q: How did you feel at the first scan?

A: Embarrassingly I think it was bit obvious how I felt because I burst out crying haha. It was amazing to see an actual baby, well splodge on a screen instead of just a line on a pregnancy test. The nurse at the private clinic wasn't having any of my banter though which was a bit disappointing!

Q: How did you find/deal with my awful morning sickness?

A: I just felt bad for you and a bit hopeless about it all. It was rubbish not being able to do it for you and be sick instead of you. It seemed relentless at times and I felt bad tucking into loads of biscuits etc when you could barely have a slice of toast. Didn't stop me though! It was slightly funny to hear about you being sick on a tube platform though...

Q: Do you remember what the first thing we bought was?

A: Ummmmm...*long pause*...I remember this! We bought a baby grow set thing...from mamas and papas.

Sarah: I'm actually super impressed he remembered this, totally thought I'd catch him out

Q: How did you feel when you found out the baby was a girl?

A: Even though I knew you wanted a boy originally I was happy with whatever we got. Once we knew for sure she was a girl I got excited about her hopefully being a daddy's little girl but then suddenly started worrying about her having boyfriends in the future. Getting ahead of myself again!

Q: What did you think when the baby first started to kick and move around?

A: It made everything really real. It's hard when you're not actually pregnant and you don't always have the 24/7 realisation of the baby being there but when you start to see a bump and feel them moving inside your partner it brings you into it more. You can kind of become more of a part of it because it's something you're sharing. I remember we were on our sofa in our house in London and I was chatting away to bump and then she practically kicked me in the face. I cried again, of course

Q: What was the most annoying thing about me being pregnant?

A: The fact that you still thought you could do everything you could do before you got pregnant. You were literally a nightmare with lifting boxes you shouldn't when we were moving, carrying heavy bags of shopping etc. Having to do more housework and the cat litter all the time was a pain too...only joking

And finally!

Q: What was your favourite thing about me being pregnant?

A: Seeing you happy. Even through all the sickness, pains, tiredness and everything else that comes with pregnancy it was great to see you powering through it and being quietly proud of yourself for creating a little human. It made me so proud too

Sarah: Awww *blush*

Next week it's a Q&A with Mr K again but this time it'll be all about my labour and birth, might be a bit more interesting!!


  1. What a good idea! Sounds like you have a keeper there, what lovely answers! :) xx

    1. Haha he's definitely the woman in the relationship bless him :) xx

  2. What a great post! lovely to see it from a mans perspective! I loved not doing the cats litter tray! Kirsty x

    1. Thank you lovey! It was definitely one of the top perks of being preggo haha x

  3. Aww so nice to hear it from your hubby's side! Xx

  4. Aww lovely post, lovely to hear it from his perspective and so sweet to hear how happy and involved he was! Xx #mummymonday

    1. I'm really lucky at the moment, because although he's in the Navy, he's shore based and very hands on. Don't think I could do it on my own! Thanks for commenting :) x

  5. What a sweetie Mr K is! :) It must be hard for dads when it's us who are carrying the babies, they must feel a bit left out and useless sometimes, especially when we're sick! Looking forward to reading the next interview. #mummymonday

    Jenna at Tinyfootsteps xx

    1. He said 'why thank you!' :) He cracks me up with how in touch with his emotions he is. I'm the stone in the relationship! I know what you mean, it must be hard to watch from the sidelines sometimes. Haha I'm a little worried about what he'll have to say on labour and birth! xx

  6. Awww, what a lovely hubby you have!xx

  7. This is hilarious! I love reading dads' views ... They don't hold back do they?
    My husband wrote a guest blog for me a couple of weeks ago if you fancy a read ...

  8. What a fab idea to interview Dad... This will be such a lovely little snapshot for your daughter when she's older! Lovely! #Sharewithme

  9. The Mothers say - what a great idea for a post. It's always great to hear something from the Dad's persepective. #sharewithme

  10. Ahh bless this is fantastic and even though Mr P isn't on my blog I would love him to do this too. What a great thing to have it from a Dad's perspective. After all we can't say what they might feel or think but rather right from the horses mouth as we say back home. Love this. You two are adorable too. Love the photo! Thank you EVER so much for linking up to Share With Me. I hope you stop by tomorrow for another great round! #sharewithme


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