Monday, 22 September 2014

Mummy Monday: A Mummy Day vs A Daddy Day

Don't get me wrong, I'm really really lucky that I have a husband that is so hands on when it comes to parenting. He's always been fab with kids and it was one of the qualities that really attracted to him. 

In saying this though, there are always days where one parent feels they're doing more than their fair share of parenting duties for the day!

A typical day for me is:...

- Feed Isla her first bottle at 6am
- Try and get her back to sleep for a bit
- Get up with her at 8am
- Get her changed and ready for the day
- Get myself ready
- Play with her for a bit
- Go to baby group/swimming/anything out of the house!! And give her the next bottle
- Come back to house
- Get Isla to nap (sometimes a mission in itself!)
- Tidy Isla's things
- Clean house (a few times a week)
- Do the washing (most days)
- Give Isla her next bottle
- Hang washing out
- Make dinner
- Make Isla's bottles
- Probably do bath, bottle and bed routine with Isla
- And then spend loads of time on the blog...feeling like a bad wife most nights!

A typical day for the husband is:
- Get up
- Get ready for work
- Go to work
- Work
- Come home and play with Isla for a bit
- Revise
- Maybe do bath, bed and bottle routine!
- Maybe make Isla's bottles...

So that's how it stacks up at the moment i.e. I win on the hard day front! Don't get me wrong, I know it's not his fault that he has to work really hard and has a lot of revising to do on this course/exams to take but sometimes it really gets to me in the evening when I'm beyond tired.

I find that if he's not there at all I get on with things no problem. It's when he's around and unable to help that I get a bit frustrated!

It's then that the silly comparing who's had the hardest day can start. These days that doesn't happen so much but in the early days, fuelled by zero sleep, it became a daily ritual to moan about who had the hardest day!

I honestly found getting up and going to work and working hard all day much easier than my day as a mum! I love being with Isla and I love that I can have all this time with her at the moment. It'll be really hard when I get a new job and go back full time and I'll definitely crave the time that I've got with her now back. However, I do have my moments where it just feels relentless and a bit like groundhog day.

At the weekends it's a bit different and it's lovely to get a bit of rest. I have to say the husband is very good at making me breakfast and bringing me a cup of tea in bed, bliss!

Does anyone else feel like this? Does it ever become a competition in your house over who's doing the most?!


  1. Sometimes I think dads don't quite understand the work that's involved looking after a baby! Yes it's SOO much more fun than going to the office, but it's a lot more draining.

    My hubby works his a**e and doesn't often get a weekend off, but it's wrong to compare our 'jobs' I think! They're both hard in different ways. We do play fight about it, but I do always make sure he knows I win :) hehe.


    1. I agree! You can step away from a normal job but you can't step away from being a mummy. Your'e right, it's just hard in different ways. I'm sure when I go back to work it'll be even worse. Then I will 100% be the winner!!! xx

  2. I'm lucky Jack is a hands on daddy too, I couldn't do it on my own! Now I'm back at work I can honestly say I do most of the work haha, but I wouldn't change being a mummy for the world. But I do look forward to weekends and a bit of a break xx

    1. I know what you mean. I have the utmost respect for single parents now! It's nice at the weekends when you can get a bit of a break :) xx

  3. Oh yeah I relate to this!! It gets easier the older they get but the SAHM thing is hard! I used to be jealous of my OH just haivng to go to work... how easy in comparison?! x

    1. And you're able to have a hot drink and lunch at work haha!! Thanks for commenting :) x

  4. I used to feel like this but over the years with 2 kids I've realised the stress my partner takes on by being the only one with an income and he does help out on his days off and evenings if hes not too tired so i cant really complain. It might seem so black and white on a list but its not really and i know there are days that he would rather be at home with the kids then stuck in work..

    1. This is very true. I know there are some days when my husband would rather be at home with Isla than at work but it does wear down on you sometimes. I think its because I'm aware that I'll be back at work after Christmas which makes me worry that I'll still need to do the lions share and be at work but I'm sure we'll figure it out before then!! Thanks for commenting!

  5. Great post, I know exactly how you feel! My OH is hands-on but has a demanding job and is also studying on the side... It still feels like a do a longer 'shift' than he does... My day can be from 7 to 7 and that's on a broken nights sleep!
    I honestly don't know how single parents cope... They have my respect!

    1. It's the broken nights sleep that doesn't help too! Always makes days seem even longer. Thanks for commenting petal :)

  6. Just wait till you have another one sarahh and this time with one will seem like a breeze! Totally agree with you in regards to expectations when hubby is home, my husband works away mon-fri and I just get on with it! Sometimes it does seem easier that way! Eirian x

    1. Heeeey Eirian! Fancy meeting you here haha :) How are you getting on with your gorgeous new little one?? Gosh I know, I take my hat off to you! More than one will be fun and games xx

  7. I think it's natural to compare who does more or what! We have had that plenty here. lol You are not alone. Love the photos. It's tough to call you works harder in our house we always say Mommy couldn't do daddy's job and daddy could never do mommys job. So we are even. hahaha Sorry for the delayed comment we have been all ill here. Thank you so much for linking up to #sharewithme


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