Friday, 19 September 2014

Scottish Independence - Democracy Has Spoken...

It felt wrong to not write something today, on the day that Scotland (my home country) voted against Scottish Independence and to stay as part of the United Kingdom.

As I am currently a resident of England, I did not get a vote on Scottish Independence and therefore had to wait with baited breath to see what the country had decided for me and my family. We are planning to move back in the next couple years and it seemed pretty unfair that I wasn't allowed a say in a country I am fully from and plan to live in very soon.

The turnout was incredible and it was so inspiring to see people, young and old, heading to the polling station to vote. Here's hoping this has ignited a new passion for politics and inspired all generations to take a bit more interest in what is going on in their local area and beyond.

I stayed up till about 2.30am, which is MADNESS for anyone with a 5 month old, watching the votes come in. And then as soon as I woke up to feed Isla at 6am turned the news back on. It was so nerve-wracking and you really got swept away with what was going on, even from down here on the South Coast.

I've listened to so many debates through friends and family recently and have to say I am glad this will now be over. I have had to bite my tongue on quite a few occasions - ESPECIALLY on Facebook. Hello all you overnight-politicians clogging up my newsfeed with your, sometimes rather aggressive, opinions. I'm definitely a believer that politics should be debated and it can create an almost electric atmosphere but the load of rubbish that kept getting said on Facebook was just getting out of hand.

Oh the social media age we live in - no escape...(says the girl who blogs, vlogs and instagrams the shiz out of everything haha)

Heyho it's all over now!...or is it...

We will all wait to see what comes out of Westminster. I, for one, hope we all, Scotland, England, Wales and Northern Ireland, benefit from this remarkable show of democracy and the way we are governed changes for the better, for all of us.

I am very proud to call myself Scottish (and British) today regardless of what the outcome was.

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