Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Ben's Beginners - A Kids Food Revolution!*

I've always been thankful to my parents for introducing me and my brothers to the importance of good food and cooking from a young age. We got involved with baking from a young age and when we were old enough to be trusted with the oven my mum taught us lots of basic cooking skills and recipes. I fully believe it's one of the reasons I really enjoy cooking now as an adult.

I definitely picture myself doing the same things for Isla that my parents did for me and I'm far too excited about being able to cook and bake with her in the future! In my opinion, it's such a vital life skill and to be able to pass that onto my children is priceless.

I've teamed up with the lovely people at Ben's Beginners to spread the message of the importance of cooking with your children. They have a new YouTube channel created by Uncle Ben's with some fab videos for you to check out. 

The Ben's Beginners videos are hosted by DJ BBQ, who is a very outgoing character and is bound to keep your kids entertained! Here he is in action...

Lisa Faulkner, celebrity Masterchef and mum, features on videos which explain different cooking skills and tips...


This Ben's Beginners video about what the future of the family home could be is interesting! Can you imagine not having a kitchen?! I can't. After all, at any self respecting house party, the kitchen is always where the parties at!

Ben's Beginners did some research and found that 1 in 4 parents have never cooked with their children. At first I was shocked but the more I thought about it, it started to make sense. In our world now we are constantly on the go and barely have a minute to sit down and think, never mind sit round a table and have a home cooked meal. A lot of households have 2 parents out at work so it's a constant juggling system of work, school, childcare, activities etc that often means that food can take a back seat.

Cooking is going back on the school curriculum soon after a long absence but unfortunately it means we are still left with a gap in knowledge for kids of many ages. Every child that learns a cooking skill passes this on to at least one other person and 92% of them will use them at home. That's a great statistic and one we should definitely try to encourage in our own homes.

I'm going to post 3 of the Ben's Beginners recipes from their channel up in the next couple weeks for you to try with your little ones, let us and Ben's Beginners know how you get on. I'm going to try them too and post photos of my results on instagram/facebook/YouTube!

Well done Ben's Beginners for such a great, inspiring campaign and for making all the information so easily accessible for us busy parents!

Do you cook with you kids at home? Is it hard to come up with new and exciting meals for them?

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