Monday, 6 October 2014

Mummy Monday: Dad Q&A on Labour and Birth!

After last week's Q&A session with the husband on pregnancy - read it here if you missed it - here is this week's Q&A all about labour and the delightful experience that is birth!

(Halfway through the main event haha)

Q: Before I went into labour, did you feel you were prepared? Had you read up enough etc?

A: I didn't feel prepared at all! It didn't help matters that I hadn't been able to come to any of the antenatal classes due to working away. The book I'd read only started with the newborn stage not the how-babies-arrive stage, I should get a refund! I obviously knew what the process entailed but wish I'd paid a bit more attention to what you told me after the classes. One born every minute doesn't quite tell you the full story!

Q: When my waters broke, what was your first thought?...

A: I silently pooped (Sarah: he used a different word haha) myself and realised all of a sudden how real it was. I went into worry mode but didn't want to make you any more anxious so tried to put on a fake confident face. Not sure how well that worked. The fact you thought you'd just wee-ed yourself shed a little humour on the situation haha

Q: When I was rushing around showering and trying to make myself look acceptable at 1am before we went into hospital, what were you thinking?

A: I was getting quietly wound up because I just wanted to get to hospital to get things checked out but you were very insistent on washing off your fake tan etc. I knew better than to argue though! I was just thankful you'd been to get your nails done so you weren't sitting trying to do them before we went too

Q: When we got into hospital the first time, do you remember what we got the giggles about?

A: The fact that 'Sexual Healing' was playing on the radio. Of all the songs...

Sarah: We were laughing so much I think the midwife thought there we were drunk or something!

Q: Once we got home and the contractions kicked off, what did you think (when you finally woke up!)?

A: I think you were up from 3.30ish and I got up at 5ish. I think this was when I started to really panic because I thought we would have all day to go for a nice walk and get things started. The midwife had made it sound like you were going to have to get induced the following night so when the contractions started just an hour after we got home from hospital, it was a bit of a shock. The fact you went really quiet freaked me out as well because that doesn't happen very often. You must have been in a lot of pain

Sarah: Hmm funnily enough, yes!

Q: Did the 8 hours or so we were at home before going back into hospital feel really long for you?

A: It flew by actually, thinking back on it now. I was busy counting every contraction on my phone and trying to find things to help you. None of which helped! I just followed you like a sheep from room to room because you couldn't sit or lie down

Q: On the journey into hospital (when I was convinced I was going to die!!) did you start to panic when we hit bad traffic?

A: Yes, I definitely did. I tried to keep it contained but it felt like we were never going to get there. The songs on the radio kept replaying and I genuinely thought I would have to pull over and deliver Isla. You were in so much pain and it felt like the longest journey of my life! I don't want to hear that One Direction song that was big at the time ever again

Q: Did you love the fact I was sick all over you through a particularly bad contraction haha?

A: It was great! No, actually it didn't bother me at all. I should have known it was coming after the other times you were sick. Come to think of it, I probably did well to make to then without being sicked on 

Q: Did you like the hospital we were in?

A: I really liked it. It was very clean and even though the corridor to the labour ward was very long, the fact it had 4 toilets along the way made me laugh. It was a pity we didn't get the delivery room you wanted with the birthing pool but they were very accommodating otherwise. On a manly note...the car park was very good and pretty cheap for NHS standards!

Q: Who was your fave midwife we had?

A: Steve! The male, student midwife. At first, I wasn't very sure about a male midwife being involved but he made a cracking cup of tea and seemed to be the one that helped you the most

Sarah: He had the softest voice in the world. When we have another baby, I want to track him down

Q: When Isla finally started to play the game and was well on her way, what was your reaction?!

A: Every emotion and reaction under the sun!! I was excited, scared, worried about you, desperate to meet her, all rolled into one. It was like nothing I'd ever seen before. Unbelievable

Q: How did you feel when you first held her?

A: I cried, of course! It was like a realisation of 'This is it. For forever. My little girl that I'll look after every day, forever'. Huge, ridiculous rush of emotions

Q: I wish we had taken more photos/filmed the experience now. What do you think to doing that next time?!

A: I agree. I think it would be great to be able to look back at the whole experience. I mean I got to see the whole thing but you barely got to see anything so it would be good for you to be able to see what you want without me trying to explain it (very badly) for you. Don't know how you'd react to seeing the actual birth tho...bleh

Q: What was the best (very bad choice of word in my opinion when it comes to birth) part of the whole experience for you?

A: When she came out. Once her shoulders were out. It was like nothing I've ever experienced or seen before and it's the hardest thing to explain and put into words if someone hasn't experienced it themselves. Nothing compares to it

Q: How do you feel about having another one in the future?

A: Can't wait! Bring it on. Well maybe with a bit more pain relief for you next time...

So that's the labour and birth experience from a dad's point of view! Due to the popularity of the first Q&A session I did with the husband, I'm going to do one more next week on the first few months of parenthood as well.

Hope you enjoy!


  1. Really enjoyed reading this, it's great to hear things from a mans perspective. And from personal experience pictures/films of the birth are so amazing to watch back, definitely do it next time :) xx

  2. I love it! I think husbands/partners deserve a voice about it all because they're often forgotten and I can't imagine how tough it is for them to be so helpless as we're in pain (obviously we still get more of the credit ;-) hehe) xx

  3. I love this - getting a dad's perspective on the event. I know more or less what my husband thought about it all, but it's great to hear another male voice. #mummymonday

  4. Great post. I wish I took more photos/filmed when I was in labour/hospital. I reckon I'll be a nightmare next time, making my other half capture everything! Alex x


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