Monday, 27 October 2014

The Most Important Qualities We Teach Our Children #HelloRBS*

When I first found out I was pregnant one of the first things, that really hit me, was that I was going to become fully responsible for another human being. It was slightly overwhelming knowing that I, along with the husband, would be integral in shaping how that little human being grew up and acted throughout their life.

It got me thinking about what important traits and qualities I would want to encourage in our daughter. There are so many external influences that you can't control when it comes to bringing up your children but there are also so many things you can do and teach at home that will (hopefully!!) help them realise what's important in life.

Loyalty and fairness are two qualities that I feel are huge indicators as to what kind of person you are. They make you a great friend, a good employee, a fab parent and a valued family member. I really do try to go out of my way to help my family and friends. I would put their needs equal to and above any of my own and hope that this would set an example to Isla. 

As Isla is only 6 months old at the moment, it'll be a while before we can sit down and talk to Isla about what it means to be loyal and fair but at the moment it's all about letting her interact with other babies and making sure she shares toys etc. A good starting point!

When it comes to being a loyal customer I can honestly say that there is nothing worse than being treated unfairly by a company. I won't name names but at one point I was with a certain phone company for over 10 years and didn't get one remote instance of recognition for customer loyalty. New customers were getting offered deals left, right and centre but us old customers were left behind getting more and more frustrated. Needless to say I am no longer with that company!

I've been a loyal customer of The Royal Bank of Scotland since my parents opened an account for me when I was 16 (ahem...11 years ago!). My Granddad was a bank manager with them back in the day as well so there has always been a link to my family. 

RBS is bucking the trend and are recognising existing loyal customers in their new Hello/Goodbye campaign. They are saying hello to simpler, clearer and fairer banking and waving goodbye to the enticing offers that are only offered to new customers, such as the 0% teaser rates. They are also saying goodbye to the sneaky practice of hiding the best deals online.

The campaign is all about making sure that all customers get a fair deal.

Check out their funny video all about fairness, the sofa's voice cracks me up!:

I'm not sure what I'd do if something popped out a sofa arm at me (unless it was a bottle of prosecco!) but it's a great video illustrating their point.

I really respect RBS for their new Hello/Goodbye campaign. It's far too easy for companies to come up with ridiculous offers to get new customers in the door but harder for them to come up with long lasting, sustainable policies that benefit all customers.

I do fully believe that what goes around comes around and if you are loyal and fair to people, people will be the same back to you.

For more information on the campaign take a look at this page on the RBS website.

What qualities do you feel are important to teach your children?

* I’m working with BritMums and RBS on this project and have been compensated. As always though, all opinions are my own.

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