Wednesday, 8 October 2014

The Tell Tale Signs That Your Baby is Ready for Weaning

All babies are different and because of that they are all reading for starting solid foods at different times. These days it is recommended that you exclusively breast (or bottle in my case!) feed for six months. My mum was shocked when she heard this. She said myself and my 2 brothers were weaned from about 4 months onwards. They do say now definitely not to start weaning before 17 weeks and to speak to your health worker if you feel your baby does need food before this. Your baby's digestive system hasn't fully matured enough before then.

Here are the most common (non NHS official) signs that your baby is ready to take their first steps towards food!..

Demanding feeding more frequently
- Seeming less satisfied after their feeds
- Co-ordinating their eyes, hands and mouth - so they are able to see food, pick it up and put it in their mouth
- Being very interested in what you are eating and imitating eating behaviour
- Not displaying the 'tongue poke reflex' anymore

The official signs to look for are:

- Sitting up and holding their head steady
- Bringing objects to their mouth and putting them in their mouth
- The ability to swallow food, so more food ends up in their mouth than around their face (this is a weird one because surely you'd have to start weaning to discover this!)

It is often recommended that you need to see these last signs in combination in order for your baby to be ready to start solid foods but I feel we all know our babies best and your just know when they are ready.

Isla was always a very hungry baby and I think we did really well to last till 5 and a half months to start weaning. To be honest, I would have started earlier but the highchair took a while to arrive. She was putting everything in her mouth, taking a huge interest in what we were eating, trying to grab food out of people's hands and generally just being very hungry. She used to shout at people who were eating too which I think is a pretty funny sign. It was like 'OI! Give me some of that!'.

This will be the first post in a series of posts I'm going to do on weaning. I'll be posting about Weaning Essentials and First Tastes next week. And from then on I'll post relevant information about our weaning journey that hopefully you'll find useful!

How old were your little ones when you started the weaning process?


  1. This is really useful and I look forward to seeing more of Isla's journey. Toby's 3 months and already mimics when I'm eating and watches me like a hawk, but he still seems okay with just milk xx

  2. Isla was the same from about that age. It's hilarious how fascinated by food. Little greedies! xx


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