Monday, 20 October 2014

Weekly Round Up #2

I totally meant to post this yesterday but I got a little carried away with the celebrations for my brother's 21st birthday!

We're back home in Scotland at the moment and it's been go go go since we got here. In a good way though. It's fab to be back and the more people around for Isla, the better I say!


We had Isla's swimming lesson in the morning and it was only my friend and I who were there for the lesson so it was proper VIP treatment for the babies. Afterwards we went into one of the town centres near us for a coffee (and cake) and a mooch around the shops. I ended up buying Isla some headbands from Next and a Grobag from TK Maxx because they were half price compared to the usual prices, happy days

Someone was being a spewy louis at night so looked like this for most of the evening...


I went to a baby group at one of the local churches in the morning. Went home, sorted the house and went back out to baby PEEP in the afternoon! Isley was exhausted with all the's a hard life


The morning was just a flurry of packing and organising for our trip to Scotland. The husband had to pick up a ceremonial jacket for some marching he's doing next month then he took us up to the airport in London. The drive was ok, Isla was pretty sleepy which is always good news on a car journey. I was far far too early to the airport which is not like me at all. It meant I ended up shopping so it just goes to show that being early doesn't always pay!! The flight was ok and we got to do some videoing for our Baby Bjorn We carrier review

Excuse my had been raining!


My mum and I popped into town to pick up some bits and bobs. I still need to get Isla a bunch more stuff to keep up here so we don't have to take things up with us all the time. Picked up a baby play ring for £5 - absolute bargains! We also went for lunch with my other brother and his lovely girlfriend and bumped into these characters.


One of my brothers (the birthday boy) arrived home from uni. My mum and I rushed round the house like mad women decorating it with 21st decorations and then they didn't turn up until half a hour after we finished. He had picked up someone else's bag from the bus - nightmare!


We went out for a gorrrrrgeous meal for my brother's birthday. Isla slept for the first half hour but was then wide awake and wanting to entertain the restaurant for the rest of the time! My brothers and I then went out for the night whilst my parents watched Isla. It's so nice having people here to help and babysit...we don't really have that where we're living just now


We carried on the birthday celebrations and had some more family round for lunch (lasagne, YUM. Pavlova, YUM. And birthday cake, YUM!). I was super tired all day though from getting in at 4am...#gettingold Then we all chilled and watched Toy Story 3 - loved it

What have all you dolls been up to?



  1. What a busy week! Sounds lovely though, happy 21st to your brother :) xx

    1. Aw thanks! I feel like every week is busy haha. Need a Caribbean holiday...#dreaming!xx

  2. Haha, the picture with the penguins cracks me up. How random!
    Sounds like you've had another busy but fab wee. Hope you and Isla enjoy the rest of the time you have in Scotland with your family. :) #happydayslinky

    Jenna at Tinyfootsteps xx

    1. Obviously I meant week, not wee. :') xx

    2. Hahahaha wee!!!! It was a great wee! And the penguins were fun...looking forward to the movie :) xx

  3. I had seen your penguin photo earlier in the week- I would have been excited too!
    I cannot remember the last time I got in at 4am- even in my younger days I used to get in at 1am although we used to start at 6pm lol so was always a bit worse for wear by the early hours!
    Sorry it has taken so long to comment, had a mad week! Hope to see you again next week for #HappyDaysLinky xxx

  4. Oh gosh! I'd be exhausted too after a 3am night out ;) Got to love a bargain!

    Thanks for linking up to #TWTWC xx

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