Wednesday, 29 October 2014

What I Wore Wednesday: Mummy OOTD #12

Sorry this is a bit late dolls! We've had a pretty hectic day. I went and met my friend for a bit at his new place then had a quick, late lunch and ran off to the airport to catch our flight to Southampton. I'm currently writing this sat on the plane! 

I've worn 2 outfits today! One normal one and one travelling one.

Unfortunately for you it's the travelling one I took photos of!


Top, H&M
Leggings, American Apparel
Boots, H&M
Scarf, Primark
Necklace, Orelia at Topshop

There is nothing worse than being uncomfortable when travelling. Especially when it's on a plane with a baby.

So I am all about the leggings and comfy tops. 

Also, when travelling, there is no point trying to have nice hair. Just scrape it back away from those grabby baby hands! The first time I flew with Isla I had my hair down and she got attached to my hair through security. A bit of a drama for both of us!

To be honest if I had my way I would travel in jogging bottoms and a big jumper but then I'd look like a right teen mum so...I don't!

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