Sunday, 28 December 2014

Memories Of Our 1st Christmas

So our first Christmas as our little family (with my family too!!) has been and gone and it feels like it passed in such a flash. All the build up, planning, rushing around and sometimes stressing for one day, is now over for another year. 

Christmas is such a special time of year and I absolutely love it. I am one of those people that are known to do internal (and sometimes external) squeals the moment the calendar turns to December. Growing up, we had really lovely family Christmases full of tradition and love and I always dreamed of being able to have the same with my own children one day. 

We came up to my parent's in Scotland for Christmas. We have a Christmas with Rob's family too earlier on in December. One day we would like to have Christmas at ours and invite everyone but while we are in military marriage quarters, it's not very feasible.

So this is how our day went...

We woke up and Santa had been!!! My brothers, Rob and I get Santa sacks and Isla got one this year too. We make up stockings for my parents too and so we all open these and have some bucks fizz first thing.

Then my brothers, Rob and I made brunch whilst everyone else got ready. Isla had a nap whilst we were cooking which was good timing! Once we had eaten brunch we got ready and got Isla into her first little outfit of the day (she went all diva on us and had 3 outfit changes!) - a Christmas jumper and leggings.

After this we handed out and opened all our lovely presents. Throughout the whole day we quite happily drink away. Prosecco is totally my drink of choice at the moment. Yum!

Isla was so spoilt by our fab family and friends. She was more interested in the wrapping paper half the time but she really enjoyed herself and spent lots of time playing with her new goodies.

I got Isla changed into a cute little Red, lace dress with glittery tights and a matching cardigan. And I put on a sparkly top and Black skinnies to feel like I had dressed up a bit.

We then had our Christmas lunch. Isla managed to have lots of mashed up turkey, roast potatoes, peas with some gravy, a couple of pigs in blankets (without the bacon on them) and then she fell asleep with a yorkshire pudding in her hand!

Afterwards we all chilled out, watched a film and snuggled with Isla so she could have a little nap.

Later on in the evening we played charades and catch phrase. My mum had bought catch phrase as a random new game to play and it started off awful but got better the longer we played it!

We then finished the day off with yet more prosecco, a cheese board and new pyjamas!

All in all it was such a lovely day and it was so special to see Isla getting involved in all our family traditions. She went to bed a very happy little girlie and I can't wait till she's older and the magic of Christmas will really come alive for her.

Hope your Christmas was as special as ours.

Lots of love!

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