Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Tested Tuesday: Motorola MBP 16 Audio Monitor and BabySense Bundle Review*

As part of our amazing role as Babies R Us Babyologists, we were sent the Motorola MBP 16 Audio Monitor and Babysense Bundle to review. It retails at £79.99 which is a good price for all the features I'm about to tell you about below.

I didn't realise, until I got pregnant, that you could buy monitors that had sensor pads for monitoring your baby's breathing. In a world with numerous warnings about cot death at different stages of pregnancy and parenthood, this type of product provides a reassurance to us parents in addition to all it's other great features. 

What's in the box...

Motorola MBP 16 Audio Monitor:
- Parent monitor
- Baby monitor
- Plug in charger

Babysense 5:
- 2x sensor pads
- Respiratory monitor
- 4x batteries
- Cot fitting parts

Both parts of the monitor - the audio and movement parts - were really easy and quick to set up.

The audio baby monitors have some great features including:
- High frequency 1.8 Ghz DECT technology
- Room temperature recording
- Night light
- Lullabies
- Two way talk system
- High sensitivity microphones

The range on the audio monitors is great and the sound is really clear. You can set the volume of the monitors depending on how loud you need them to be. The backlit display allows you to easily use the monitor when it's dark and the two way talk system is fun! More to speak to your partner rather than baby because we found that just frustrated her more - being able to hear us but not see us. The little stands on the back of the monitors are fab for having them free standing as well.

Some of the highlight features of the BabySense 5 part of the monitor are:
- High pitch alarm
- Can indicate low breathe
- Can indicate partial loss of breathe
- Fits to the cot
- Can be used in cots, cribs & moses baskets

The sensor system is fitted directly under you baby's cot mattress and detects the rise and fall of your baby's chest. This monitors the breathing pattern. If baby stops breathing, the high pitched alarm will kick in after 20 seconds which will wake baby and you. If the sensor pads detect less that 10 movements a minute, the alarm will sound again to indicate partial loss of breathe which gives you time to act. It really does give you such a sense of peace of mind.

All in all we would rate this monitor pretty highly. We had the AngelCare Movement and Sound monitor before and would place the Motorola MBP 16 Audio Monitor and BabySense Bundle in the same category. The Motorola monitor has some great features and is good value for money. It is also a pretty stylish looking product and would fit in well to a modern home.

If you are looking for a baby monitor right now, I would definitely suggest you look into the Motorola MBP 16 Audio Monitor and BabySense Bundle.

Please check out our video review as well!


  1. This looks fab I'd so love to get this for our bubba

  2. It's really good lovey. We tested it out throughly. I wouldn't have considered Motorola before! x

  3. I love my baby monitor! I'm actually using mine right now to monitor my sick child, while I olay outside with the other two. They are life savers!

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