Thursday, 15 January 2015

Beebies Baby Store Wish List

Here at The Knott Bump & Us HQ, we have been lucky enough to have been chosen to be YouTube ambassadors for the amazing independent online baby store that is Beebies Baby Store.

I've always been a huge fan of Beebies and have often spent far too much time on the website whiling away the hours creating wish lists from their extensive range of products. Much to my husband's dismay!

I thought I would share our latest wish list with you all.

Custom Made Teepee - I've been looking for the perfect teepee for Isla for a while now but haven't managed to find the right one. Beebies offers a custom made service where you can design your own. How fab is that?! I would love a Grey and White one.

Koo-Di Travel Cot - we do a lot of travelling and have been on the look out for a functional, easy to transport travel cot. This one is also a sun shade. Even more features for your money.

Toddle Pod - I LOVE the idea of the Poddle and Toddle Pods. I really should have gotten one when Isla was younger but the Toddle Pods are for 6 months + so they would be suitable. She's being a bit of a nightmare in her cot, rolling around, crawling, standing up so I think this would help to settle her more. One can hope!

Plush Wheelybug Panda - how CUTE is this little Mr Panda? He is a ride along toy that will provide hours of entertainment. I have a thing about Black and White toys and decor so he would fit into our home perfectly.

Alphabet Soup Totseat - how clever is this little gadget? It would make dining out in places (or friend's homes), where there is no highchair available, a dawdle. I think Isla would be a bit too small at the moment and wouldn't be able to reach the table but for the future, this would be great.

Fox Baby Grow - I. Love. Foxes. I've always had an obsession with them and whenever I see one I get ridiculously excited. This little baby grow is perfect. Black and white. And with a fox on. My perfect combo. I'm pretty bad at dressing Isla is more 'boyish' clothes but I try to dress them up with a headband!

Bibs and Bobs Bib - here we go. Something that is a little more girly! This dribble bib is absolutely gorgeous and would add something special to any outfit as well as helping out with the old dribbling situation. Pretty and practical!

We would love to hear your wish lists from Beebies. There are far too many fab products to choose from!

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