Wednesday, 7 January 2015

HiPP Organic Baby Food Review*

We started Isla off on her weaning journey just before she was 6 months old. It probably would have been earlier but her highchair didn't arrive until she was 5.5 months old so we had to wait until there was somewhere for her to sit at the table!

I'm quite a relaxed parent when it comes to her meals and food. Isla is now almost 9 months old and her daily meals are roughly as follows:
- for breakfast she has porridge and fruit
- for lunch she has a lot of finger foods - organic puffs/rice cakes, sliced vegetables, cheese, toast, hummus - and then a savoury pureed meal or pasta or a sandwich followed by fruit for dessert
- for dinner, I tend to give her what we are having, if it is suitable. If not, she'll have something that I've made earlier or a pouch of baby food

I do usually try to make as much of her food as possible but I love a pouch or jar when we're out and about. They are much easier to carry around and the pouches are so easy to dispense and feed your baby from. Don't get me wrong, I do always have a few in the house as well for emergencies when I run out of food for her. Which has happened quite a lot over Christmas and New Year!

HiPP Organic are a brand that create good, healthy, nutritious food for babies and toddlers. They pride themselves on creating meals that babies will enjoy and that will help them grow and learn to love good food.

We were sent a lovely hamper from HiPP Organic to review. We were so surprised when it came with a personalised stocking for Isla (just before Christmas). I thought was such a sweet touch.

There was an array of food including the following:
- Parsnip, Sweet Squash & Chicken Dinner Pouches (4+)
- Sweet Squash, Sweetcorn & Peas Pouches (4+)
- My First Sunday Dinner Jars (4+)
- Chunky Vegetable & Beef Casserole Jars (10+)
- Parsnips, Potato & Turkey Casserole Jars (7+)
- Apple & Cranberry Breakfast Jars (4+)

The Sweet Squash, Sweetcorn and Peas pouch was the first meal we tried and it was a huge hit. I love the ease of the pouches. It's so easy to get the food out, straight onto the spoon and you can squeeze out every last little bit with ease. It smelt lovely and Isla wolfed the whole thing down no problem!

The First Sunday Dinner and Parsnip, Potato and Turkey Casserole jars were equally as popular with Isla. I was intrigued to see how she'd find these as she's never had jarred food before, only home made and pouches. I was planning on giving her the turkey jar on Christmas day but she fell asleep (holding a yorkshire pudding!) at the table after eating a big amount of our turkey meal. Instead, I gave it to her the day after when we were visiting family and she ate the whole thing in no time at all.

The beef casserole is the only one she hasn't seemed as keen on, but she still ate the whole thing! It just took her more time than usual to get through it. It is probably because I haven't given her that many beef dishes yet, as I don't eat it a lot, so she is probably just getting used to the taste.

 See how we got on with these ones above in the video below:

All in all HiPP Organic food was a huge hit in our house and I will definitely be stocking up on these for our cupboards.

We have been given a fab HiPP Organic hamper to giveaway to one of you lovely readers. If you would like to enter then head over here now!

*We were sent the hamper free of charge for the purpose of this review but all opinions are 100% our own


  1. I love the little stocking that is super cute. I use to buy these jars for my daughter when we weaned her and i will probably be buying them soon as little man is just starting to be weaned at four months as he is a little greedy guts and milk does not fill him as he is huge . I love how you have made baby purees look nice in the pics with the little heart bowl xx

  2. The stocking was so cute! We'll keep it for years to come :) Oh bless him!! Always good to be a big baby. Isla has been greedy from day one. Haha a heart bowl will make anything look nice! Thanks for commenting lovey x

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  4. Thanks for the article! We are not that far in yet. But I agree. We buy HIPP from Did you ever try Holle? We buy that too and they seem to slightly prefer it over HIPP. And both smell nice. Not like that artificial stuff, right?

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  6. I too always learn something new from your post.


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