Thursday, 12 February 2015

The Bluestone Series: Activities

We were lucky enough to enjoy a 4 day stay at Bluestone Wales last week and took part in some very fun activities while we were there. Here is a run down on what we got up to for our activities section of our Bluestone Series.

Messy Play
Space Rangers - guardian required

Messy play was held in the Adventure centre in a brightly decorated play room. There were lovely, vibrant colours and shapes painted on the walls and coloured lights in the ceilings. 

There was a tray full of custard and paint which smelt amazing! This seemed to be one of the babies' favourite materials to play with and they got stuck in (literally!) very quickly. A lot of it ended up getting eaten too!

There were a couple bowls of water on a tray with some plastic balls which I believe, were originally set up as a cleaning station but Isla decided one of the bowls needed to be tipped over everywhere for playing with. Oops. To be fair the water was too dirty by this point to be used to clean the babies so that made it a little less mischievous! 

This was the 'rocket fuel'. It was a mixture of paint, glitter, cornflour, chocolate powder and water and was super messy! This was the first tray we took the babies too and we were so glad they were just in their nappies! It must be so fun for the people setting up the groups to make all this stuff up.

(Mmmm tasty)

There were also trays with:
- coloured porridge
- a dry flour kind of material with foil underneath
- a paining station with rocket shaped paper to paint on to and take home (we made one for daddy)

They were all set up to represent something space related and the theme was really fun.

The girl who ran the group was really fab and so engaging with all the children. She also did face painting and balloon animals for the older kids, which was a huge hit!

Baby Sensory
0-13 months - guardian required

Baby Sensory was split into 2 parts - the first part was led by the group leader and then the second part was free play in a big part of the room which was set up with different sensory toys.

Group leader led

What we did:
- signing - basic signs with a song
- singing - lots of singing to every activity!
- peep with chiffon scarves
- peek a boo with teletubby toys
- play with Black and White cards and foam blocks
- play and songs with rattles
- play with necklaces made out of blocks
And lots more...

Black and White is always a hit with babies!

Free play

Isla loved the rattles section - anything to make a noise!

There was a big double airbed, covered in rainbow chiffon material, with various books and toys laid out on it. It was a fun, different way to play and Isla throughly enjoyed it.

Adventure Centre & Soft Play

The soft play centre, upstairs in the Adventure Centre, is free and absolutely huge!! It is basically a big room full of toys and soft play that children and babies can just run wild in. We went a couple times and absolutely loved it. The babies roamed around playing with all the different toys and climbing the various soft shapes and apparatus. There was a mini little rollercoaster system which we got some great videos of Isla and Jaspy on. The circus theme looked great and was very inviting and fun to look at. 

In the Adventure Centre main room there was a big ball pit that the babies could go in. They were a little unsure at first due to the size of it but were soon throwing round the balls and drawing around quite happily. On a couple occasions, older children jumped in as well but they were pretty good around the babies which was nice.


We loved the swimming facilities at the Blue Lagoon Waterpark - read all about it here.

There were so many activities to do with the babies and we had such a great time trying out a few of them. You could literally fill all your days up with all the fun, exciting things on offer to do at Bluestone.

Do you enjoy trying out new activities when on holiday?

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