Monday, 30 March 2015

1st Birthday Gift Ideas

Another one for the 1st birthday series!

I thought we’d share a few bits and pieces I’d love to get/have already gotten for Isla’s 1st birthday. No one tell her please haha.

I don’t want to go too wild because she is only turning one after all. I’m basically just using it as an excuse to get her some things that I’ve wanted to get her for a while but haven’t found a reason to justify them. We’ve also been asked by relatives what to get her so I’ve included some of those. She is one lucky lady when it comes to presents from our families and friends and we still have unopened toys from Christmas, so I don’t want to be overrun by toys when she has more than enough already. I need to donate some of the older ones we’ve bought her that she’s not fussed about to charity so that other children can benefit from them.

Smart Trike – I’ve heard very very good things about these so my mum and dad jumped at the chance to buy her one when I mentioned it. My mum likes to be organized! We went for it in Black & White…shock horror. Our poor second child will have so many hand me downs as I’m all about the unisex colours.

Play Piano - I think Isla will absolutely love this. Any way of making more noise is right up her street so I think it will be a hit. Who knows it might even inspire her to want to play properly when she's older (wishful thinking?). I like the fact it looks like a proper piano and not plastic-ey and gaudily coloured.

Twig Creative Wooden Camera – I have lusted after one of these for ages since I saw one on Instagram but alas they have always been out of stock in UK shops. I bit the bullet and ordered one from Canada, where they are made. The postage was decent and I hope hope hope it arrives in time. I love it. I did really want it in Black and White but it appears to be sold out everywhere in that colour which leads me on nicely to…

Black and White Soft Camera – I found this Australian independent store randomly on Instagram and fell in love with everything they make. A bloggy baby can’t have enough camera toys! I’ve ordered one of these and…

Cloud Mobile and nursery decoration – How gorgeous are these. I can’t wait to get them up in Isla’s nursery! I’ll be devastated if she asks for a Pink room in a few years. I’ll have to move all her Black, White and Grey stuff into my room!

Noah’s Arc – I love this arc from The White Company. Isla loved playing with her friend’s wooden one so I thought this would be a lovely one for her

Lucky Boy Sunday Polly – We already have Bow Jovi and it’s about time he had a friend come along. He especially deserves it after Isla ripped his head off one day. Poor Bow Jovi!

Wooden Sensory Toy - A few of Isla's friends have these and so does her nursery. She is obsessed with it so thought we would get her one of her own. It's clearly because it's nice and noisy

Brio Shape Sorter – Apparently this is one of Isla's favourite things to do at nursery so she can now play it at home too

Moccasins – There can’t be a gift guide in our house without a pair of moccs. We are total moccaholics and I would have 100 pairs if I could sneak them past the husband

Wooden Helicopter Toy - Because mummy works with helicopters!

Wooden Boat Toy - Because daddy is in the Navy!

Teepee – We meant to get one of these for Xmas but didn’t get round to it. I’m still on the hunt for a reasonable priced plain White one so might go down the custom route with Beebies Baby Store

I’m not one for bragging about gifts but I do love to see what other people buy their babies. Any gift guides out there?


  1. Grauntie Caitrian8 April 2015 at 03:47

    And there was me, thinking she might like some books! Can I buy her the Lucky Boy Sunday Pollyou, please - it appeals to m. (Might sneak some books in toof!)

  2. I think my favourite there is the piano! Looks so adorable.
    I bought a smart trike for my youngest and we've had loads of fun with it! She is a bit too big for it now though which is a shame.



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