Monday, 16 March 2015

5 Rubbish Things About Being A Parent Away From Your Own Parents

I live on the South Coast and my parents live in the North East of Scotland. Rob’s parents live in Derbyshire so neither sets of grandparents get to see Isla on a very regular basis. We plan trips up and they plan trips down and try to see each other as much as possible but it’s going to be a lot harder to schedule now I’m back at work full time.
With that in mind, here are my 5 rubbish things about being a parent whilst living away from your own parents.

Missing out on the day to day growing up

It makes me sad that I can’t just pop round to see what they are up to and update them on our day or week. We phone regularly, Whatsapp every day and try to Facetime once a week but it’s just not the same as popping in for a cup of tea or for dinner.

Facetime only holds a baby’s attention for a limited amount of time

As soon as the attention span has finished, the laptop or phone will suddenly become the most fun thing in the world to play with/try to break. This can lead to a rather interesting end to the conversation. Isla has slammed my laptop shut on a couple occasions mid chat. How very rude!

Babies aren’t performing monkeys

Has your baby hit a milestone or learnt a new trick? Chances are when you are trying to show them off on Facetime or taking a photo for Whatsapp, they will suddenly forget how to do it and will make you look like a big, fat liar!

The perils of travelling

Have you seen the amount of stuff babies and kids need to travel with?! One weekend equals a whole car boot full of things or a whole range of suitcases and hand baggage. We fly up to my parents, who do have most the things we need set up there, but an airport and plane journey with a young child is rarely ever going to be a plain sailing experience. Unfortunately, to get to Rob’s parent’s house, we have the delight of the M25, or various other roads that seem to struggle to accommodate any form of traffic, so that can be a bit of a struggle too.

No help with childcare

This is a big one! I would never, ever expect my parents to provide full time childcare for Isla but a day here and there would probably have been lovely for both of us. I know for a fact my mum gets jealous seeing other grannies pushing buggies around during the week. Whenever we are together my mum practically pushes me away from the buggy! There’s also the other little benefit of having handy babysitters nearby for a cheeky night out every now and again!

I should look on the positive side and think of all the fun trips Isla will have to go visit her grandparents but it’s hard when I miss them every day myself. I know my grandparents went through the same thing with my parents, as we moved abroad when my brother and I were young (my youngest brother was born in the Middle East), so it’s almost like history repeating itself. Although, at the moment, we aren’t in as exciting a location as my parents were when we were away!
Do you live close to your parents? How often do they see your children?


  1. I can only imagine how that feels, as we are lucky that my mum lives just 10 min away and sees Aria most days! Although my mum moved away from her parents, so I only saw my Gran and Papa about 5/6 times a year. I wished I saw them more, but it always felt extra special when I did and they really spoiled me with affection - so Isla will always have that to look forward to!

    1. Aw that's so lovely, lucky Aria :) I agree, I used to find it really special to go spend holidays with my grandparents. Thanks for commenting lovey!xx

  2. I live miles away from both my parents (they're separated), unfortunately they both show very little interest in myself or my family so we don't even do the facetime stuff, etc. I've had to learn to create my own supportive community where we live which is definitely not the same, but it's all we have.

    Jenna at Tinyfootsteps xx

  3. The childcare one was a kicker for me in the first year. Now though we can go and stay for a few days and have a couple of nights out! That does me for about six months ;)

  4. My parents live in the USA and in-laws 1 hour drive away. I miss my parents terribly and children are not trained monkey so are difficult to communicate at times on FaceTime.

  5. Ohh hun this post is really sad! :( my parents only live 10mins away but they're planning to move a lot further away around the time our first is due in August and it honestly makes me so upset just thinking about it already!
    Lovely that you make time to visit/FaceTime/call, will definitely have to make sure we do the same

  6. I can relate to this as my parents live in another country. It is a shame they don't get to see my little one that much, just a few times a year. Alas, that's life. My husband's mum lives about 30 minute car ride away so can babysit and help in emergencies when needed, which does help of course.

  7. My in-laws are over a 2 hour drive away. We live in Germany and I am Irish, so we don't see my parents anywhere near as often as I'do like. But when we do, it is great.

  8. We're South Coast too and my in-laws are in Scotland which is a loooong old journey when it comes to visiting time. Earlier in our relationship, hubby and I were going to try to emigrate to NZ but when it came down to it, I just couldn't do it knowing that we'd be starting a family before too long. Now we live 15 mins away from my parents and they help with childcare. Every day I count my blessings.


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