Sunday, 15 March 2015

First Ever Mother’s Day

So my first ever Mother’s Day as a mum, as well as a daughter, literally just vanished. I don’t think I even fully appreciated it was actually mother’s day because we were so busy.

My mum was down visiting from Scotland at the moment so on the Saturday before Mother’s Day we went for a lovely brunch, complete with bellinis, with Rob, Isla and another friend and her gorgeous son, who is 5 days older than Isla. My eggs benedict was SO GOOD and Rob decided to order pancakes for everyone too ‘as pudding’, as you do!
We then had a look around the shops and ran some errands before heading home. Rob and I had a wedding reception to go to at night so my mum babysat, thanks mum!
On Sunday (the real Mother’s Day) we had Isla’s swimming lesson to go to at 11 so we got up about 8. I got some beautiful flowers, a lovely card and a couple fab presents. Isla saved all her pocket money up apparently…
I also gave my mum her card, chocolates (the biggest box of Milk Tray ever!!) and little candle present. It was so special to spend my first Mother’s Day as a mum with my own mum as well as my daughter.
After Isla’s swimming lesson, we had our lovely friends’ handsome little son’s christening to go to. It was a bit of a mad rush to get there but we made it, early in fact!
Afterwards, they had a lovely little party at a fab local pub next to the church. It was the best buffet I think I’ve ever had, the food was amazing.
So we got to spend Mother’s Day with some special friends and my mum. Good timing all round – a lovely day!

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